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Just a roleplayer in Primal waiting patiently for Data-Center Travel to get here.

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Ehem, Hi, it's almost 1 am and I wanna go to bed, so I'm just gonna use the template and tell you all a bit about myself. 

  • MMORPG background: I'm in my 20, and to be honest I don't have tons of MMO experience and it's by no means my favorite Genre. I do have enough to know what I'm doing. The MMOs I've played are Aura Kingdom, BDO, ESO, Wizard 101, Tera, Blade and Soul, and the new Swords of Legend.  
  • RP experience: This is where I have experience, 11 years of roleplay experience, from Geek Chat (later renamed Geeking before shut down) to kik, Skype, Facebook, Twitter, Amino, Reddit, Discord. Recently I've been going to the RP venues that do exist in Primal and I'm getting the hang of Roleplaying in game.   
  • Character ideas/info: Hideaki Nakanishi, I have almost 5 pages written for his backstory because I'm a weirdo and like writing, but the short version is, He was born in 1555, Bastard son of a member of the Bakufu, mother was a tailor by day, songstress by night. Gets into trouble with Garlean Dignitaries at the age of 5, saved by a Samurai. 'Aki' (his nickname) becomes obsessed with the Samurai and begins searching for him by frequenting the Sekiseigumi Barracks. The Samurai, named Ryuka, takes Aki as his student a few years later, and due to his parentage issues and bastard son status is taken to Eorzea for his training. Aki trains across Eorzea for 7 years and forced to always wear a hood since Au Ra are still unknown in this area. Gets shot in the chest by a Garlean while in the Shroud, nearly dies, and is saved by the Conjurers Guild. In return for saving his life, Aki and his master join the Twin Adder just in time for Carteneau. Aki doesn't fight there due to having recently taken a bullet to the chest, Master does, returns changed. Gives Aki his sword and tells him to remain in Eorzea and grow. Ryuka returns to Kugane and Aki stays with the Twin Adder. During current point in the story, he's a Captain with the Twin Adder who's duties involved Internal and External Investigations of Dungeons, as well as Public Relations, acting as a dignitary to the other Grand Companies or foreign entities like the Bozjan Resistance.  
  • How did you learn about the coalition?: Literally googled how to spell Sui-No-Sato, link popped up bringing me to the old forums. 
  • What kind of a role-player are you aiming to be? (e.g. Light, medium, or heavy): Probably Medium, since I'm currently learning high-end content, but still would like to Roleplay often.
  • Anything from real life you're comfortable with sharing? (Work, school, hobbies, etc.): My job is easy and gives me a bit of freedom, so I'm available to RP almost all hours of the day. Um, I'm an open book with my life so if you're curious feel free to ask me any questions. 


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Welcome to the Coalition! 


Aki has a backstory worthy of a 6 part Netflix series that I would definitely watch. He seems like a character full of determination! Just like the protagonist of a samurai should be. Did he ever get to see his mother again? 


I hope you have a great time here! 

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Hey there Aki and Welcome!
Both to the game and to the wonderful world of it's roleplayer community.
You'll find there are quite a few awesome and supportive people to be found here.
Just hope your experience so far since joining has been an enjoyable one.

Love seeing more veteran roleplayers come out of the woodwork
Having came for the old days of Skype and Forumotion RP myself. 
It's good to see a handful of people like that still kicking around and doing their thing.

Also I really dig the backstory for your AuRa.
It's short, simple, to the point, with a fair amount of action but not too much tragedy from first glance.
A good amount of details for depth sake and definitely some open room to flourish into bigger and better things.
I look forward to seeing what you do with it.

Beyond that, hope you have an awesome time always while your here and in-game.
And should you need anything don't ever hesitate to reach out.
There are plenty of folks here who can lend a helping hand or an open mind to ideas. 👍

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Spelling mistakes that were bothering me. Just woke up when I wrote this.
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Heya,  while you wait, there is a fairly sized RP community over on Primal,  I hope you can find something while you wait?  There's a few weekly recurring events on the calendar.


Either way you go, enjoy yourself and I hope you find a good group to hang out with.


~ Erah'sae

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