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Hello! Primal data center role-player, looking forward to data center visit!

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I'm a veteran role-player, somewhat new to world of Final Fantasy XIV, although I've been playing off and on since I started in 4.1.     Based in Lamia (although I have a couple of alts throughout Crystal), I'm looking forward to data center travel so I can maybe find more active role-playing groups than those that exist on Primal. 

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Hello Asha!

I too am looking forward to data center travel, as I used to be on Balmung, but all of my mates did a DC transfer to Midgardsormer back in the day (yonks ago), so I moved with 'em. Now I've got new mates here, and am loath to move, even though the RP scene is... well, lacking. Hopefully DC Travel will open up some good options for that for me, so I won't have to either start an alt over on a new DC, or transfer again, leaving the mates I have now behind.

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