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  1. Howdy all again, so I joined a few months ago, and promptly had some health issues/work issues that are only just now beginning to slow. During the time between now and then, I've managed to work my way to Heavensward as a level 60 RDM Main. I hope to be more active in the coming weeks--but here's my question: If I'm wanting to post up about my character (since I mostly just RP for my own amusement, and let's face it, Midgardsormr isn't really a hotbed of RP) and their story, where is best to do that? The shorthand is MSQ has been worked into his actual arc, but obviously that necessitates some *slight* alterations to certain scenes (dialogue that could have happened, slight tweaking to his reactions as displayed in the cut scene, you know, the basic artistic liberty stuff). Then there's his pre-ARR stuff. I know it's a trope, but amnesiac warrior of some kind. *I* know what his full background and backstory are, but that's something he's yet to fully comprehend. I mean, WHY does he hate primals with a passion? Why does he feel the need to serve a nation's GC? Why is he so protective of children? What happened to his eye? Why this, why that, why the other? He's all these questions that are only just now starting to be answered, and I feel like having a place to write those down where others can see them might help me develop as a writer in general. Or, ya know, utterly fail and be relentlessly mocked. That's an option too, I guess. But yeah, I'm back. Ish. Not that I was really ever here--within days of joining, I had to hiatus. This time, though, I HOPE to have at least a few minutes every weekend to pop over and either lurk, or add to whatever posts I end up making about the adventures of my slightly insane, extremely foppish ponce of a Red Mage Elezen.
  2. Discord invite links expire after 24 hours, sadly. So it's not that the channel is invalid, it's just that link expired.
  3. Context is king, obviously. That said, I agree with the previous poster on the other page about how the action is presented/godmodding. I am sorry I didn't get the name, I'm on my phone and navigating pages is troublesome at best. If it's a "so-and-so kisses Sha'dow Weaver on the cheek," that's a paddling. Response is "no you don't, sorry, let's try that again with proper etiquette, yes?" for context, the Weaver isn't someone who minds physical contact from (attractive, usually female (there are always exceptions)) strangers. That said, to reiterate, godmod me no likee. Now that *that's* out of the way, let's assume all interactions put forth are of the "so-and-so moves to/attempts to" variety. Random female kisser: "What by the 12 is the occasion? And is there more to it?" *suggestive smirk* Female he's interacted with previously: *turns and attempts to catch it on the lips* "come now, we're past the cheek at this point, yeah?" Random male, attractive: "not usually my type, mate. Still, I'll buy you a drink, let's see how it goes." Random male, notsoattractive: *rolls to open hand slap them, HARD.* "right, we're even now. You buying or me?" Edit: I did not realize this was from back in February, I apologize for the necropost.
  4. Howdy! Fellow Midgardsormr RPer here. Was thinking of setting up a linkshell for like minded individuals this weekend (only time I have to play). Nice to see another person wanting to RP on the server! Sha'dow Weaver is my in-game name, feel free to hit me up if we're ever on at the same time.
  5. From one veteran RPer but forum n00b to another, a thousand welcomes to you, may you always find water and shade. Best of luck to you here, and there!
  6. How the heck are ya? I'm Diego, the Gaming Gamer Who Games, and I figured as I'm hoping to RP my character, that signing up here would be a decent idea. So the template suggests I talk about my MMO background a little bit. Alrighty then! I've been doing MMOs in and off since FFXI, I joined that around 2006ish, and still occasionally jump back on. I RP'd a good bit with my LS. Eventually, though, the player base started to thin out, so a regular service account became cost ineffective. During that same stint I somehow ended up with a WoW account. I ran a Night Elf druid, and sucked. RP was nearly non existent, and the whole thing was just too grindy (this, coming from a FFXI player). In 2015 the wife and I jumped into FFXIV, and made it to around level 32 before we realized that my rig wasn't up to tanking, managing around 15fps. If I was looking at a clear blue sky. As a tank, you can see how this would cause issues. So I quit for a couple of years. Last summer the kiddo got me a copy of ESO for Father's Day, and I had a rig that could handle it. Still, not enough to MMO with the wife, since we only had the one rig. We fixed that about two months ago, even hooking the kid up with a gaming rig to join in the fun. So that's my MMO experience. As varied as that is, my actual RP experience is even longer, and to save your sanity, I'll truncate it a bit. Essentially, I've been doing things like D&D/GURPS/Pathfinder/et al for well over half my life, I've a rather large collection of rule sets, splat books, lore collections, modules, and more PDFs than you can shake a stick at (I really don't understand that phrase, the implication is after a certain point you won't be able to shake said stick, but I'm yet to encounter such a thing in the real world). In pointed fact, with zero knowledge of Satan's Game (D&D, I was raised rather strict), a mate and I came up with a similar rule set based off our love of all things LotR, Narnia, and WoT. We used d6s to determine success or failure, had classes, races, factions... I'm actually working on converting that system to d20 and want to eventually (thanks to the DM's Guild) use the SRD to publish it as a fullblown setting for D&D. Moving on to characters, I've a few concepts I generally use (or variations thereof) in any RPG, MMO or otherwise. This allows me to slide into a familiar role in an unfamiliar setting so I can pay more attention to learning the lay of the land rather than the mind of a new character. The one that has been, in some degree or another, in nearly every game I've played is Shadow Weaver (Sha'dow, on the server, as apparently without the apostrophe it's taken?). The concept was birthed as a punishment for a GM playing sillybuggers with the rules and punishing the ENTIRE PARTY for the sins of one, calling down a Tyrstorm on squishy level 2 characters nearly resulting in a TPK. The Weaver was created as a warning--"you kill my dude because you're pissed at [player], and THIS is the fresh hell you'll unleash." To say the character was over the top is to say the sky is blue. Hedonistic to the extreme, drunken, womanizing, true neutral with neutral evil leanings (we eventually came up with a system to randomize his alignment by the day), and out for coin and cleavage. The point was to make a character that made Old Man Henderson look not broken. The funny thing was after that game died (yay having to adult), I started refining the character. The base of him is still there--hedonist, likes his drink, appreciates a well-turned ankle--but now rather than being played by THAT Guy (you know the guy, we ALL know the guy), he's actually a really fun character to be around. Gone is the "I roll to see if I get lucky" at literally Every. Single. Tavern. No more does he require an entire bottle of spirits before he can even be arsed into drawing his sword. No longer does he flirt with anything female (and some male) that has a pulse (or not, after all, vampires). No, now he's your seemingly average sellsword who only drinks to excess, and who's actually in a dedicated, monogamous relationship (though he does tend to show off if he thinks he'll get noticed, peacocking as it were). Sarcasm is his default setting, but he's also got a decent head on his shoulders. So yeah, that's the Weaver. How I heard about this place? Googling tips on role playing in FFXIV. I figured it'd been a while, better brush up now that I'm planning on hunkering down and doing this (on the weekends). The type of role play for me depends on the day. I generally like to be hardcore/heavy in the character (to the degree of requiring an inn room to change gear, not wearing armour when I'm knocking about the town, taking regular meals etc.), but some days, if it's been a particularly hard week at work (or life in general), I'll RP the story bits, but OOC the rest. That's rare, but it does happen. Ok, IRL stuff... I'm married, have a kid (too smart for her own good), and they're the reason I get out of the bed each morning. The wife is really big on XIV, and even bigger on XI (sadly, dwindling player base means it's more of a single player online RPG). We all three play XIV, and I'll sometimes dive back into ESO. The wife and I both write fantasy, hers is more romantic, mine is, well, it's extremely dark, extremely violent, and I'm not very friendly to my characters. She writes because she breathes. I write to deal with PTSD and bipolar 1. I play bass/guitar/drums/other, and have been in locally successful bands back in my younger days (one I was in opened for Manson around half a lifetime ago). I am an aspiring YouTuber, focusing on doing let's role play content, mostly around Bethesda Game Studio titles like Elder Scrolls and Fallout (not 76, dear gods no). I've next to no content at the moment, but I'm working on it. I didn't grow up in America. Was born here, will probably die here, formative years were in Africa/Middle East/Former Soviet Europe. I work 12 hour days (including 3 hour round trip commute) 5-6 days a week (wife works the same job). Video games are our unwinding/decompression. Righto, everything seems to be in order. Speaking of work, I'm typing this on my phone on the commute in. Feel free to ask any questions, comment, or whathaveyou. Ill eventually get a full backstory for the Weaver up somewhere around here. Anyroad, work is calling my name, and while I wish I could tell it where to stick it, no money==no subscription fee==no fun!
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