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new to FFXIV roleplay


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SO I know this really good funny series on YouTube that I can link that helps learning how to rp, but essentially, the best way to find places and just get out there and try it!  When looking out of this website for places to go in game the best place to look through the party finder in the other tab. There's always stuff happening over there and there's advertisements for other things that come up. Some with be labeled with [RP] and others will just be listings of restaurants and the like. Go and explore all these areas and find a place that's comfortable to you! I personally prefer going to bars and other small venues cause I can sit back and watch other people to get a feel for the room and mentally prepare myself to get in character!

Here's a playlist for it. Dude also goes into venues and things which are nice to just know! :)


Happy RPing! And feel free to hmu  :)

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