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House Sayrillont <GRAIL> Dark Ishgardian Noble House Roleplay!

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A house shrouded in mystery, dealing in blood and dark magics to ensure their prosperity over the centuries, the House of Sayrillont act as puppeteers to control the political and military climate of Ishgard from the shadows. With the world on the brink of ruin, this house of man and dragon both seek to extend and grab influence in each corner of the world to both use their influences to save the world from the doom coming for it as well as conquer and take advantage of vulnerable avenues of influence that have arisen from this desperate state of near extinction. 


A house of a powerful and immortal legacy, the Sayrillont legacy makes bonds in blood and does not take kindly to betrayal. Inducting its kindred via dark and nefarious blood rituals which bind the persons aether directly to the bloodline in exchange for ancient and primal power fueled by dragonsblood, the family are a force to be reckoned with. Boasting its capability for its bravado both on the battlefield and in parliament the family have taken down many of its rivals over the years with renowned mercilessness and suspiciously little intervention from the authorities.


Having ownership of a grail of blood, an ancient artefact that has been imbued and cherished by the house for generations and is said to hold the secrets of the Sayrillont bloodline as well as the unique vampiric abilities that each of pure blood to the house possess. This grail lies on an aetherial leyline and has the ability when properly used to augment and mutate ones aether. With the house's ranks rising the Sayrillont family open these opportunities to others that swear fealty. Giving them a limited imbuement of what the grail has to offer through the mark so that they may serve the house more efficiently.


The house looks for new blood to fill its ranks, those with knowledge of the dark and occult to fuel its rituals for power and conquest of knowledge, and those with influence and pull in areas outside the North to assist the house in pulling and cementing its influence in other places outside the cold North.




<GRAIL> is a lore-adhering free company focused on the day to day and Military dealings of the Ishgardian House of Sayrillont. An ancient and enigmatic force within the wintery North, House Sayrillont has thrived through manipulation and blood. Dealing into heretical ways to ensure its prosperity and continued legacy through working with dragons. The House orchestrated many ploys on both sides to ensure the true nature of the house was kept secret, its rituals ensuring power and a unique synergy with the dragons they worked alongside as bloodbearers. With peace being bought to the North the house seeks to come out from the shadows and secure its prominence in other territories, no matter the cost.


As a company, we wish to give a place for people to enjoy roleplaying under a noble house that gives more than just your run of the day dealings. Primarily operating in a somewhat antagonistic nature as a free company, we hope to be able to give those that join as well as those who wish to work alongside or even against us ICly the opportunity to delve and thrive within the many dark and occult dealings the house employs to get the job done. 


What We Offer:

  • RP events ranging from day to day dealings of the noble house to more dark and mature themes such as blood rituals, sacrifice and occult pacts as they delve into new areas of opportunity.
  • A large array of event types to suit every kind of player.
  • A great OOC community.
  • 3 events weekly.
  • Opportunities for multi-guild and intercommunity roleplay and plotlines.


Do I have to be in the company to roleplay with us?

Of course not! Despite the secretive nature of the house ICly, the company hopes to bring in many allies in the coming future to ensure mutual growth and story opportunities. Whether you wish to ally with the house, trade relics or even act as a rival and enemy to the house's dealings, get in touch! We thrive on this sort of thing and are always looking to make great and memorable plotlines with new friends.


If you want to get in touch, contact Aldric Sayrillont in game or poke me at Aldric#0807 on discord.

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