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Mutant-type PCs

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Hi folks! I've been trying to think up a new character to return to RP'ing. I've been away from the game for most of 5.x content and I would greatly appreciate some lore help.


The character hook I've been thinking of is someone slightly mutated into something beast-like. Not a beast tribe character or cross-breed of some sort, but more of a whoopsie of nature. Perhaps an aether-related mishap? A tiny bit of lycanthropy?

The end result character would just be a regular humanoid with clawed hands, maybe utilize the wolf leg glam from the Halloween event several years ago, with other minor superficial cosmetic things. Otherwise the character is a goofy, mostly feral dummy


Does anyone recall any lore on these topics? I'd like to test how lore-adherent this character would be or see what challenges this idea has.

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The only in-game example that springs to mind would be:


The Tonberries, Nymian citizens who were transformed by a sickness called the "Green Death."

There is some existence of...



lycanthropy, specifically on the First with the Shadowkeeper and all, but it seems to be more of a full wolf transformation and not just a normal person taking on wolf-like qualities.

That being said, though, I don't think there's any specific lore support for that in particular. Most of the beastial transformations we see of any of the spoken races are due to Tempering of some sort or just a curse/illness of some variety that has other much more negative effects. But the setting of FFXIV allows for all sorts of wiggle room, so it seems easy enough to work into RP.

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