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Seeking Someone RPing a Sharlayan Scholar Type


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I'm retiring my current character with the release of Endwalker and, more importantly, those sweet sweet man buns.


I'm exploring the possibility for this new character to be a Sage. In order for this to work with the rest of the character's concept, this will require him to find someone who can train him, at least somewhat, to utilize the Nouliths.


I'm wondering if there's anyone who's RPing a Sharlayan Scholar type character - especially one that intends to go Sage when the expansion launches - who might be willing to hook up for a few RP events around this training. I don't intend for this to go for an insane length of time, and there's really no reason to go super in-depth with the training. I just thought it would be more fun to walk through some of this with another RPer instead of just slapping into his backstory that he found a trainer and calling it a day.


Let me know if you're interested! Thank you!

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