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  1. I'm retiring my current character with the release of Endwalker and, more importantly, those sweet sweet man buns. I'm exploring the possibility for this new character to be a Sage. In order for this to work with the rest of the character's concept, this will require him to find someone who can train him, at least somewhat, to utilize the Nouliths. I'm wondering if there's anyone who's RPing a Sharlayan Scholar type character - especially one that intends to go Sage when the expansion launches - who might be willing to hook up for a few RP events around this training. I
  2. Hey folks, hoping I can get a reinvite to this. Took a break to focus on school, but things look like they're going to be much quieter this semester, so I'll be around a lot more! Character name is Kem'rel Brom I should be on all day. I just rolled through the admins list and didn't see anyone on, so I thought it wouldn't hurt to post here too Thanks! Love you!
  3. Hello! Please put Rhu'to Brom on the waiting list! Thank you!
  4. Thank you very much! I'm not sure what that means, but thank you!
  5. I would very much appreciate an invite if at all possible! Character name is Rhu'to Brom! Thank you!
  6. That'll do, thank you very much! Thank you for the welcome - and yes it is very possible that we interacted at some point! I was very involved in the community back in the day. I was helping try to organize a server-wide adventurer's guild to act as an IC way to have FC-transcendent RP events, advertise for FCs, provide context for personal RP, and have some giggles. It never panned out, but it was worth the risk of failure.
  7. Hey again, everyone. Long time no see. I played a lot back when ARR first came out... I played regularly for ... Maybe six months? Then I fell off the face of the planet... But I'm back and I want to get involved! My character's name is Rhu'to Brom (candidate for a name change now that it's possible) and I'll be in game most of the day if you'd like to say hi. There used to be a server-wide linkshell for RP (I'm on Balmung) but I'm not sure if that's still the case. If so, I'd love to get an invite! As for Brom, most of what can be found here: https://wiki.ffxiv-roleplayers.com/pages/Rhu%
  8. So poll timers appear to be broken, so the wonderful Kylin closed this one for me ... Lo and behold ... It's a twelve-damned tie. Adriel and I will discuss what to do here... could be we need to open a second poll... :frustrated:
  9. The poll is broken, it didn't end when it was supposed to end, so I can't see the results.
  10. I'm pretty sure the poll was supposed to have ended by now... I think it might be broken :c
  11. It's in the poll title, all times are EST
  12. Thank you! I feel honored that you made this your first post Also, side note: Holy crap, how long did I set this poll for? I thought it was supposed to be over two days ago. Oh well, extra time means more votes.
  13. Thank you all for coming out to the first Adventurer's Guild meeting yesterday! We've heard a lot of feedback from you guys about things that were done well and things that weren't done so well. One of the biggest gripes about the event was the timing, which, admittedly, was a crazy last-minute decision. I'd like to take this time to get your feedback about what days and times work best for you guys, as we'd like to have the meetings on the same day and at roughly the same time each week. For those of you who have no idea to what I'm referring, here is the original message: We're trying
  14. I would love one! Please and thanks you!
  15. This song was the best part of X-2, I happen to love it.
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