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So I saw this on the Beta forums...I know I know, I shouldn't really go on them, I come out all icky and feeling like I need a shower but this caught my eye.




Bascially it goes into detail about how changes were made for class requirements with these changes being mentioned...


The Current setup for Jobs cross-class skills in 2.0 are now....


Paladin - Conjurer and Marauder

Warrior - Gladiator and Pugilist

Dragoon - Marauder and Archer

Bard - Conjurer and Lancer

Black Mage - Arcanist and Archer

White Mage - Arcanist and Thaumaturge

Monk - Gladiator and Lancer


Does this mean that;


A, if I'm going dragoon I need lancer + plus archer/marauder now and not pugalist?


B, Those are the classes that I can steal skills from when playing as a dragoon.


C, Something else completely that my brain just isn't coming up with..


Sorry it its a stupid question, I don't have sound atm so I couldn't watch the videos.

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I'm not completely sure about the validity of that post, I'm also not sure what they are getting at. Are those the classes required to unlock the job cause paladin should be gladiator/conjurer, or are those classes that use cross class skill from that job.


A couple things that help validate the gladiator paladin connection vs marauder is weapon selection, skill availability many of the gladiator skills are available for paladin job. And if you select gladiator at character creation it shows a paladin while the marauder will show the warrior job.

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Okay, that does seem to make a little more sense, and does agree with the affinity for skills we have seen so far.




This was posted a few days back and you can look thru and check the affinity of the ability to see which classes and jobs can use those abilities.


The original beta forum post has me confused for a second, cause it mentions job requirements but then does not actually provide any information about the requirements for jobs, just which classes they can pull from, ignoring the base class that leads to the job.


Looking at them the only thing that seems really strange to me is the monks access to gladiator abilities, which are almost all threat increases, wonder if they are trying to give monk off-tanking abilities.



Edit: From the second page of the post a chart has been made which makes it a little easier to see what skills you can use.



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