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Callipygian's introduction and concepts

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Hello Everyone,


I've been using the forums for two weeks now, so I figured it's about time I introduce myself and describe the character concepts I'm tossing around in anticipation of phase 4.  I'll be looking for some input from the community to help me make my decision.  Mostly it will come down to which group I'd like to join and how their story can intertwine and mutually benefit with my own.


I've been roleplaying since 2nd edition AD&D, including such systems as D&D 2nd-4th, 7th Sea/L5R, Shadowrun, Dogs in the Vineyard, FATE, Apocalypse World, etc.  I've played a variety of MMOs, including City of Heroes, FFXI, FFXIV, Rift, and WoW.  I've roleplayed a handful of characters in WoW, but it has mostly been light RP.  I never found a good combination of character/guild for heavy RP, but I think that will change for ARR, because I really like the setting.


In case it matters, I'm a 32-year-old male living in Southern California (though I grew up in West Virginia).  I don't like guilds with a lot of meaningless, childish banter (what I refer to as a junior high mentality).  Comic relief and banter are fine, but I prefer mine to be intellectual.


Here's three of the character concepts I've been throwing around.


Female Miqo'te Tinker/Artificer

This character was my original 1.0 character based on a cohort I had in a D&D Eberron campaign.  She already exists on Balmung with at least 10 levels in all the gathering and crafting professions.  She is a brilliant and dedicated tinker who comes up with a variety of ideas for new inventions that border on the fantastic and impractical (similar to Q from the James Bond setting).  For this character I would be looking for an organization in need of (or at least tolerant of) a Research and Development department.  I'm liking what I've seen of the Blue Skies on the forums, though I was out of town on a road trip and missed their event over the weekend.


Male Hyur Man-at-Arms

This character is based on an NPC I wrote for a 7th Sea campaign.  He is a serious and skilled swordsman.  For generations, his family has been charged with the protection of a particular line of Eisen (German) nobles.  He is fiercely honorable, but willing and capable of perpetrating intricate schemes for the protection and advancement of his charges.  In FFXIV terms, this would likely translate into dedication to a Grand Company and protection of the City-State's rightful leader, though it could also be dedication to an honorable Free Company.


Female Roegadyn

This is a brand new character concept I've developed after reading about the Hellsguard.  This character was born under an inauspicious sign or bad omen.  An insane male Hellsguard kidnapped her at a young age, believing her to be possessed by an escaped creature from the underworld.  She suffered years of psychological torment and neglect at the hands of her captor as he attempted a variety of rituals to banish the demon.  In the wake of the Bahamut incident, she managed to kill her captor and escape.  She is now a confused and in many ways broken individual released into a ravaged but recovering world.  This character would be very dark - more dark than I've ever gone with MMO RP.  She would require a strong, heavy RP guild for proper implementation, though the guild itself would not have to have a dark storyline.  I would have to decide during the course of her RP whether or not she turns back from the figurative precipice where she stands or plunges into it.


If there are any groups for which these characters would be a strong candidate, please let me know.  It's likely I will pick one of them to be my primary source of RP.  If the Miqo'te is not my primary character, she will at least exist as a secondary, because I'll need a break from the seriousness of either of the other two characters from time to time.

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I'm liking what I've seen of the Blue Skies on the forums, though I was out of town on a road trip and missed their event over the weekend.


Yo yo, welcome on board!


Thought I'd hit on this note since things might actually be fairly relevant. Endemerrin is actually a master Magitek Engineer, as well as my other character, Rorolumu Nonolumu. So. If this character in question is looking for the 411 on Magitek, or already knows a bit, Merri and Lumu are always open to teaching~


...And consequently they are two of the head figures of Blue Skies. We'll also be having an event this coming beta test, so there's always a chance to hit that one up. We're uncertain of a date right now, however.

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Hello~ Why don't you give each of the characters a try in a little RP session or two and see which you enjoy playing the most? Also no reason you can't have some alts, like you mentioned, you may want to go that route. Either way, welome to the RPC :)

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