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Not sure what took me so long.


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Hello, RPC; I'm AZ.  I've been playing FFXIV on and off since the launch of ARR, and have been roleplaying in a handful of MMOGs (mostly WoW) since the early 2000s, but for some reason I've been very slow to engage any roleplaying communities in FFXIV.


I'm primarily on Balmung, where I play Epsilon Vaincrebornes, Tanz Granjaa, and Shell Shock, among others, but I also have a few alts scattered elsewhere on Crystal. 


  • Epsilon is an aetheric engineer, with a carrd at: https://epsilon-v.carrd.co/
  • Tanz is a Keeper dancer, which is a bit like saying the Black Shroud is a forest.
  • Shell is a SOLDIER, 3rd Class, from Midgar, but she's been living in Limsa long enough to get used to being mistaken for a Hellsguard warrior.


I've been tabletop roleplaying since 1986, and I'm a forever gamemaster, but my approach to MMOG roleplay is very different from my style at the table -- I'm deep into crunch and simulationism at the table, but in MMOGs I'm looking for good conversation.  I've done the guildmaster grind, and I respect the hustle, but these days I'm just interested in being a Disciple in Eorzea and beyond, and talking about what that's like with other Disciples. 


I try to stay canonical, but I define that pretty broadly, and include all of Final Fantasy, not just XIV (the way I think the designers do).  I'm looking for deep immersion, but the ale, bread, and cheese kind, rather than the epic journey kind.  I'll participate in a scripted event here and there, but I've seen too many of them collapse into heavy drama to ever feel really comfortable in that space.


Hope to see you around the Drowning Wench!



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