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So do you just... go rp?

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Maybe it's the fact my primary RP thus far in my life has been Dungeons and Dragons, but I've been trying to get into FFXIV rp with what feels like little luck. As I've thought about it though, I've kinda realized that perhaps it's not bad luck, but more that a lot of the RP in an MMO is more... spontaneous I suppose is the word? I thought maybe looking for an RP FC in my world would be a good place to start, but it doesn't seem that Malboro has much. I am in the proper data center though for visiting the big RP worlds, so I guess I should just... go RP?

Feel free to let me know anything else I should know about finding RP and getting into it. Though I have RP experience, I'm definitely in new waters when it comes to RPing in an MMO and would appreciate any direction I could get.

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Yes, you do indeed just go RP!

I'm not sure how many RP FC's there are on Malboro, but if you're having bad luck there, I would advise doing as you said and finding some RP by visiting other servers. Try hitting up some RP events, or strike up some RP with any RPers you see hanging around. If you'd rather do some more OOC planning first, you could always join some of the Crystal RP Discord servers and meet some folks there, or send a /tell OOC to any RPers who catch your interest and set something up with them.

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Mateus or Balmung are a great start.  Check search info and look for WU, walk ups, or /t, tells.  Most people with those designators are fine with spontaneous rp!  There used to be some rp FCs on Malboro but I have not seen those tags in a while.  Hopefully checking search info yields some results for your rp search!

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Speaking specifically to the difference between MMO and tabletop roleplaying, it is a quite different experience.  Some FCs run more scripted events, and some of these even use the /random command to simulate die rolling, but the vast majority of MMO roleplaying is, as you say, spontaneous.  There's a lot of casual interaction with folks you know, some running of game content in character, and a lot of more informal events like tea shops, pubs, open mic nights, and... well... other social outlets, that give folks an excuse to get together, be someone else, and meet other people. 


All told, the whole melange feels more like a protracted in-character mixer than a tabletop game, to me, but I personally really enjoy that.  If I'm going to roll dice, I've got other outlets for that.  Roleplaying in FXIV gives me an opportunity to just live in a different world for a while and talk about what that's like.


That being said, if you are looking for a more tabletop-like experience in an MMO, you can absolutely find it, it just might take some digging.


I concur with Faye and Shev that the first steps are finding a compatible server and a compatible FC.  You can do without, but if you can find them they will act like force multipliers on your efforts.

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