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Hello World!

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Hi all! I'm Helion. Been playing FFXIV for a good bit now, but was looking into getting into it's RP scene. I've been RPing on other platforms for a few years now (with varying levels of skill on my part) and I've enjoyed it greatly, but FFXIV's RP community looks very intriguing.

Down to the basic data about myself, I suppose:

  • Musician/Music Producer, Indie game Dev, Artist, Writer, Cybersecurity student (I do a lot)
  • Currently homeless w/ all the time in the world
  • Not sure if it matters with FFXIV but literate writing style, can do up to paragraph, fluctuates depending on what I can come up with


Guess that's about it. Not sure if there's anything else I need there. It's a pleasure to make your collective acquaintance ❤

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