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[LF RP] Come And Dance With Me!


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Yes I have returned, now I have updated my character. He is no longer the masked mercenary you know him as, here comes Zuken the travelling performer. Once again little is known about him, Zuken is his stage name and that's about it. here is his carrd, not much to be found here though https://zukethedancer.carrd.co/


Now this hyur here is quite full of himself and would happily dance free of charge as long as there is an audience, yet he is well known in parts of Ul'dah where he could be seen holding a large performance each month. With fans flocking from both gender and wide range of age, all to boost his already inflating ego. He is blunt and would be quick to mouth off some words that are ridiculous despite him being serious with it and actually meant what he said.


He is very competitive and a proud attention seeker, always demanding all eyes to focus only on him. Though with his head deep in praises, you can easily get on his good side by boosting his ego and in return he will sees you as equal. Not that he looked down on others, but he will make a b-line for you and drop everything else should you need his help. He might be a dancer, but he is seasoned in battle.


His dances are lethal to a large amount of enemies, making him reliable to turn any tide of a battle. Do mind to keep him clear of fire, he couldn't exactly dance when he is occupied with angry beasts that are ready to whack him out of commission in a heartbeat. 




How do we rp?

-If you want him to do a small routine for you then please go ahead and barge into the tavern, you can find him leaning against one of the walls. Probably thinking about setting off on another small adventure.


-He is well known yes, you can also be hired to either be his assistant/manager/bodyguard. He is too lazy to care about anything else but dancing, that and his fans. 


-Perhaps you would even like to establish a relation with him beforehand? maybe a former dance partner who performed alongside him on the stage before his solo debut? go ahead we can definitely think of something that would work for the both of us.


-Perhaps you're a fan? then well you're in luck. He will be happy to hang out with you and perform a little dance here and there maybe an autograph and what not, as long as you truly adore his performance.


-Perhaps you're someone from his past? Eager to dissect what ridiculous feat he has involved himself with now? we can work something out, though this might spoil the arcs of his back story that is mostly hidden and revealed along the rp. so make sure not to regret this choice.


-Perhaps you just wanna rp and bump into this particular misfit, then go ahead i welcome it with open arms.




I am looking for all types of connection, friend, foe, love, etc.

(also LGBTQ Friendly, hope that was already obvious)

Can do both discord and in game, though know my time online in the game would be around 2 AM - 8 AM EST. 

just please be 18+ to rp, my stories are pretty much the same rating as the game but i want to make sure i'm comfortable rping with you.


Well see you all, hope we'll be able to dance together!


Discord: Unknown|Echo#8680

In-game name: Zuken Molkoh

Home server: Goblin (can travel)



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