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New to the RPC!

Arik Olkund

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Hello! I am new to the RPC, but not at all to the game, or roleplay for that matter! I got recommended by an old North-American Roleplay friend who now happily resides on Balmung to try the game a little over a year ago, and I've been hooked ever since! I went out of my way to make an NA account (that's how you used to find your NA friends on these games), and ended up having to buy the game twice, since apparently NA accounts don't pair up with EU versions of the game, which Steam decided to implicitly supply me with. I have, however, only regretted that for a moment!


Turns out none of that was neccessary and I could have just deposited my character on Crystal anyway! I was punted into Coeurl, and here I am!


I have a modest MMO experience, I was 13 when WoW first came out and played it with most of my friends at the time until BC came out and I decided I had enough. I tried my hand at an Ultima Offshoot, and in the meantime between then an now I've briefly roleplayed on TERA and Archeage, I also gave AA another try when unchained came out until the server economy died again roughly 2 years ago now. I have also touched on the free trial of GW2 for two or three days.


My RPing experience started years ago on Gaia online for those of you who remember that place roughly 17 years ago now in a small private group, and have gotten some introduction to proper form and etiquette when I leapt to another game at about 18. The latter was really hammered in when I got into freeform fighting at around that time. I'm literate, and I've got an eye for detail, so I like writing verbose posts, and I still RP in some form to this day.


I learned about the RPC by Googleing for FFXIV Roleplay. My character was slowly getting where I wanted him to be, and with Balmung on Eternal Lockdown and me about ready to start my housing journey, I arrived at the point where I was going to have to make difficult choices, (to transfer, or not to transfer? and if so, where?) I was in need of a better basis to start my RP journey rather than relying solely on my friend, or that femboy hooters people on PVPPaissa keep talking about.


I have, currently, got 2 character ideas: My main guy, Arik, a Xaela that left the steppes after a bloody incident escaping his Buduga captors, which put bad blood between him and multiple other clans. He crossed Ilsabard with the Orl clan, ending up in Coerthas. I liked the whole 'scaled/dragon knight' aesthetic, so I decided to keep him there for a while, learning various knightly arts that Ishgard is known for. He is bad at manipulating external sources of Aether, this helps me keep him in that martial role, making jobs that rely on internal Aether, like Red Magic, his only magical options. My first idea for an alt is a bun that studies Aetherology in Old Sharleyan. I have been fascinated by the magical lore, and I plan to figure that out and write a few papers in his name. This also gives me IC access to those magical classes I couldn't touch on Arik. :)


I have a day job, and I'm not usually around at prime-time. So while I'd enjoy practicing some heavy RP, I still enjoy a lot of the content casually. I'd be very delighted if I could just have a few encounters, or slip in some IC interactions when going adventuring, maybe attend the occasional event.


I mentioned my day Job before. I'm a senior front-end web developer and software architect, so I intend on making a few custom pages for my characters. I'm also way into martial arts, and have been looking into historical swordplay for years. I've got a bit for a knack for it, so any questions about more traditional weapons, I'll always have some fun historical facts for you.


I'm pleased to meet you all, and I hope I can play with some of you soon! My apologies for the verbose post, but I hope I've answered the suggestions in the template adequately. :)

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Welcome aboard, Arik! 


I think it's great that you bring so much RP and MMO experience to the community, as well as your desire to share your knowledge on swordplay. That sort of influence can be very inspiring when it comes to developing a character's strengths, weaknesses and goals. Plus it's educational. :D


I love it when people write up books, journals, study papers and the like for their characters. It reminds me of lore books in The Elder Scrolls series and helps add life to the RP landscape in general.

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