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Hello There, Syno's the name, RP's the game. Horrible intro, i get it. 

Anywho, I recently finished endwalker's main story and first raid, i thought to myself i would wanna try out RP in the game, and while i had minor experiences with Small establishments like the Moon Moth Inn on Zodiark, i never really got into actual full on Roleplay, which is what i want to learn to do here. 

While my main is on Phoenix, i can't exactly transfer it to US servers where i read most RP happens, so i made a new Character which i'm going to level to the point where i can wear most clothes and earn some good gil for myself by means of crafters and gatherers. 


I roleplayed a bit in my time back when wow was fun, and i found that quite fun and now that Final Fantasy is my prime i hope to do the same there. 

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I like the intro, Syno. The play on words of RP and game is appreciated. :D Also, welcome to the RPC! 


I hope you find the U.S. servers welcoming and enjoy the crafting and gathering setup in FFXIV. Square Enix has packed great lore tidbits into the crafting and gathering professions as well as most crafting ingredients, food items and minions. 

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