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Hello there :)

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Hi there! Im comepletely new to RPng in an MMO but want to give it a try, so here I am :)

MMORPG background: 

FF14 is my first real MMO, Im normally a Singleplayer Gamer who mostly plays RPGs like FF for example :)

RP experience:

Ive been playing tabletop RPGs like Call of Cthulhu or D&D for years so Im not a total Newbie in RPing but since FF14 is my first real MMO, Im a total Newbie in RPing in an MMO xD

Character ideas/info:

Ok, so that ones kinda tricky, because I have an rough Idea about his Origin that I also wanna write a Fan Fiction about but Im not sure if the Lore will be accurate to the RPing scene here, so I will probably open an seperate topic for questions.

But Let me explain:
I play an Male Viera, who lived in Rabanastre and mostly grew up there and fled when the City was destroyed, he then wandered around and made his way to Eorzea.

Im not sure how it chronologically fits in the Lore, if Rabanastre was destroyed just recently or if it was some decades ago, because my Character is in his end 20s...  

How did you learn about the coalition?
Google xDDD just searched up FF14 roleplaying and the website showed up ^.^

What kind of a role-player are you aiming to be?
Light to moderate, like in the tabletop RPGs, RPing is first and foremost just fun for me, I take the lore and story of my Character serious and will try to potray him as accurate as I can, but Im also down to just goofing around ;)

Anything from real life you're comfortable with sharing?
I have an Full time Job, so RPing will be more like an side hobby for me when I get bored in the Game. If I make friends through RPing they shouldn't expect me to be always RPing, sometimes I just wanna Chill OOC in the Game :)

Heres an Picture of the Character I will be playing ^.^

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