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Hello, just a question:

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Mateus and Balmung are the main RP servers on the Crystal data center. I'm sure you can find RP on other servers/worlds but it's on those two in abundance. I just checked on both and both are currently congested, meaning you can't make new characters on those worlds. However you are able to visit those worlds as long as you have a character in the server those worlds belong to, being Crystal. I know that's a bit of information but I hope that helps, if you need clarification on anything let me know

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Pretty much the above, but just adding a note that Mateus still opens frequently between the hours of like, 2:00 am - 6:00 am EST.

It's rough staying awake or waking up that early to jump on the server, but it is possible!

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As has been mentioned, the Crystal Data Center has the highest volume of role-players. Any server on that DC is fine thanks to the world visits, but Balmung and Mateus will have the most RP activity.

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