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Hey. So after an immense lull of content for me, roleplaying on FFXIV has been becoming an increasingly interesting prospect. I've little to do until I can beat S/S/S Savage dummies and it doesn't seem like that's happening for a bit. I've little interest in the EX mounts and most my money is made from hunts which, as anyone experienced with them will tell you, is highly whimsical and riddled with downtime. I've always had a penchant for writing and I'd like to do something more than just idling in town with my sub, pft. 


Regardless, onto indulging the template:




Extremely poor. My experience in the earlier years could be relegated to things like Runescape or Maplestory where my youth could be assumed. My interest back then with this sort of thing was strictly reading. I'd read books while mining or farming to see the fictional money counter go up, though that's a passion I still indulge in now. After that, I moved onto Guild Wars 2 where a lot of my memories grew hazy. The gameplay seemed interesting, but failed to grab me, and I only really remember the tidbits of lore that could be associated with mostly Tolkien. Otherwise, games that keep my interest are either the hyper-competitive (Defense of the Ancients) or laden with lore (Dragon Age: Origins/Highfleet/Katana: Zero).




Massive. To the point of near-embarrassment. I started once upon a time on Gaia Online way back when it was a largely popular social media(?) I haven't stopped since, though my writing has taken many other forms. From different platforms to different methods (IE; I'm an experienced DM for 5E). My ability now ranges from a semi-paragraph to several paragraphs long with each response, something I used to think was unfathomable and insane when I first started out. Now I found it harder to compress what I want to say in a few sentences, haha.




I think we can all agree that making a character is one of the more difficult endeavors, especially when it's meant to stand the test of most any lore in the canon which I have to admit: I'm a bit fuzzy on at times (Especially Stormblood. I'm sorry, but my eyes glazed over quite a bit there). Either way, I've been a bit married to the glamour I have set up for my character and have been trying to expand on that in something a bit more story-relevant. 


Currently, I'm working on doing some reviews and lore-checks on whether said character would work well in the scene. A male Rava who's completely divorced himself from his old tribe and instead embraced an even more savage life with a sword and is trophies. Those trophies? Taken from hunts. Indeed, I also want to incorporate what I actually do quite a bit of into the character's lore, the Viera having single-minded focus on the here and now, concerning himself only with what to eat, drink, and hunt in any given moment. "Eat, drink, and be merry. For tomorrow, we die!" is definitely a saying I keep in mind in his development. Mortality is what drives him to his greatest accomplishments, yet naturally remains his plague. A bit of death anxiety can wear one down and all that to the point where hedonistic indulgence is required both to justify his existence and, well, distract from the aforementioned elephant in the room.


I'm still a bit rough on the theme of his appearance when it comes to origin. Thavnair may be coming to save my life there, but I haven't committed to much yet. Still part of that whole 'proofreading' thing, I guess... but for looks. I guess--


(Also, since I don't think it deserves it's own entire section: I found the coalition by sniffing around in trying to figure out how RP in this medium even works. I have a tendency to overprepare, so here I am.)


[What kind of roleplayer are you trying to be?]


A tricky question mostly in my inability to really understand it. How much I'll be involved in roleplay? How much I write? How much I expect myself to engage with others? Well, I'll answer each of these strawmanned questions.


1/ Hopefully quite a bit. The downtime is getting excruciating and I'm told it won't stop until Spring. After that, will I disappear forever? Unlikely. I'm more than betting I'll finish my gameplay 'obligations' and end up in the same spot in short order, so I'll be hoping I'm a consistent presence.


2/ A lot, though I try not to intimidate my partner nor do I intend to bloat everything with purple prose when it's not required in a post, despite the fact that I'm probably doing that right now. I just like to write, is all. n' I hope to find others who enjoy writing as well.


3/ Not much until I break out of my shell. It's quite a thick shell.



If you actually read all that, I appreciate it. Hopefully this all works out for me here, pft.

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