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Hello, hello, hello, beautiful strangers.

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Allo, name's Saahs. I'm a 27yr. digital artist, knitter, and musician. Horror and fantasy are my peanut butter n' jelly, and morally stupid characters are the bread. I made this account back when I first got into FFXIV in... 2017? ish? And then ~✨promptly forgot✨~. Made a couple profiles on the wiki back then as well, but as this point they are Ancient and Defunct and therefore, also, Moot. Health complications back in the fall left me with a lot of free time so I reactivated my sub and here we are!

I grew up playing AD&D and games like Neverwinter Nights and Asheron's Call, and got into  Warrior Cats forums and GaiaOnline rp, and WoW at the same time (didn't know rp was even a thing in WoW until Cataclysm though).  I started playing in 3.5 campaigns during middle school. I've tried my hand at GW2 but it doesn't agree with my computer, and before its demise I was on WildStar, where I mostly hermitted myself away on my main's plot. It spoiled me in regards to housing and I shake my fist at FFXIV housing for all eternity.

XIV's been fun so far -- mourning for WS aside -- but I've been shy to really step into its rp community. I'm majorly slow at MMOs, so I still haven't gotten very far (it took me years to hit my first max level in WoW). Nowadays my roommates and I are beta testing our own ttrpg system and have several campaigns in the works. I'm currently working on my first big one so that's exciting; the plot's been brewing in my head for over ten years now. And as far as FFXIV rp goes, I'd like to legitimately settle myself into it.


I like to make characters that have complex personalities, with muddy grey morals, hypocrisy, personal roadbumps , and all those other tasty complications that make humans so confusing. I don't shy away from heavy/dark content, especially not for characters' backstories, but value OOC communication when it comes to intense themes. I like to put a healthy layer of lighthearted jesting over all the grisly gritty stuff, give it a lil' balance. I also like to make my characters connected to one another to varying levels. And have two mains. Because that's a great idea.

Griffin Whittle, a lackadaisical trickster with a penchant for pilfering and lies, is a twiggy little man with profanely mutated aether. Skilled in witchcraft and back-alley knife fights, he currently works as a paranormal investigator of sorts. While sharp tongued and wont to provoke others for his own amusement, Griffin is a coward with a habit of biting off more than he can chew and paying for it dearly when running away from his problems finally catches up to him.


SMALL boom thats a headshot TRNSP.png

One of those problems being my other main, a Duskwight going by Nourah Castomir. Having stolen the name from a disgraced lower noble, Nourah travels the world offering his services as an occultist and swordsman to both lawful and unlawful employers, after burning ties with the mad-science worshipping cult he was once devoted to. He's a harsh and strict person with an extreme moral code that keeps his personal business under lock and key from others.


SMALL nourah bw headshot mask.png


These two are closely tied to one another's stories. Griff first originated in WoW, and is one of my longest surviving OCs. His story's transformed moderately since his initial creation.  And Nourah is my first attempt at a Mean n' Serious™ character, so I haven't rped him yet. But I'm sure he'll fall victim to my jesting one way or another. They all do. Griffin was supposed to be an antagonist.


In public/crowded rp I prefer to write no more than one full paragraph, but in smaller groups or one-on-one rp, I can range from a small paragraph to two-three chonky verbal abominations. My activity can be spotty though for health and other IRL concerns, and I need breaks every few months or so. Until I have a regular work schedule, the best time to catch me ingame is during the evening and night time. I'm not opposed to rping over Discord, feel free to send me a message at Saahs#6336 (please specify who you are on here)! OOC plotting highly, highly encouraged.


Alright jeez that's too many words, anyways nice to meetchy'all! Look forward to diving in.

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Hiya Saahs, it's nice to meet you as well! Welcome to the website! 😊                                                                                                                                                                                

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