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LFRP: Dragoon Deserter under clemency and Xaela Kagoni shaman

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Helaine Buinocette

Former heretic and rather unrepentant about it. Helaine was an official Knight Dragoon of Ishgard, but defected three years before the songs end. Some time after the song ended, she finally applied for clemency. But due to holding off, she has been sentenced to ten years of military service in the 103rd Coerthan Ravens, a chapter of Temple Knights, and now serves in their ranks as a Convictor Dragoon. Currently unable to leave Ishgard and Coerthas unless escorted by a Knight.



  • Helaine was apart of the Knights Dragoon of Ishgard, perhaps your character served with her.
  • Helaine fought with the Dravanian heretics for three years before the song, perhaps you either battled against her or with her?
  • She is seen often around Coerthas, simply walking.
  • She spends a healthy amount of time in the Forgotten Knight drinking, specifically, Ishgardian Red Wine.

RP of Interest:

  • Friends or new connections.
  • Possibly romance, but it would be a very slow burn considering her past.
  • Rivals or antagonists.
  • Preferred long term.
  • Story or one shots.


Helaine is on Zalera, for reference.

Carrd: https://helainebuinocette.uwu.ai/#


Narengal Kagon

An exiled Kagon without a home. She comes from a lineage of shamans that oversaw her tribe in a matriarchal line. She is capable of communing with ashkin revenants and assists in their passing on to the aetherial sea, whether violently or otherwise. Narengal's moral compass is slightly skewed due to certain childhood circumstances. She is incredibly loyal, very much so to a fault. She spends much of her time around the Shroud and the island of Vylbrand.



  • Narengal was raised in the Nhaama, the desert west of the Steppe. Perhaps you're also from there or saw her on frequent trips to Reunion.
  • Narengal trained in conjury for a short time after coming to Eorzea, but left the guild for personal reasons.
  • Narengal is often seen wearing full robes covering her person during the day made of all black fabrics, regardless of temperature.

RP of Interest:

  • Friends or new connections.
  • Possibly romance, but be warned this character is polyamorous and already has a primary partner.
  • Rivals or antagonists.
  • Preferred long term.
  • Story or one shots.


Narengal is on Mateus, for reference.

Carrd: https://narengalkagon.carrd.co



I'm up for both IG RP and Discord RP. I'm in CST timezone for North America, and I'm active both in the mornings and evenings. Weekends are free game due to being off work! I'm alright with various forms of RP, ranging from wholesome to dark. My only limitation is ERP. It's usually exclusively fade to black unless agreed upon otherwise OOCly. Feel free to message me either on here or on my discord: Sanghela#5818



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