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LFRP: Ul'dahn career criminal & her own guilty conscience

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Hello hello! Been a bit a little while since I've visited, but I figured it would be wise to post up a new, fresh request for connections. 

What I'm currently on the lookout for isn't too specific. The past six months have been difficult, OOCly, and I'd like to dip my toes, so to speak. RP is a fantastic outlet and escape, and the FFXIV community has always scratched whatever itch I harbor at the time. So I hope to meet some of you soon! :)


I'm currently seeking some RP connections for my character, Fen the Fortunate.

I'm interested in both longterm plots and one-shots.


Brief overview: Fen the Fortunate is friendly, flirtatious, and fetching Ul'dahn miqo'te that aims to make advantageous connections friends with others in various fields of background and expertise. 


Brief hooks:

  • Fen is an Ul'dahn native and a frequent staple within the city. Anyone who visits can easily happen upon her.
  • Fen can be hired to conduct "pest control", or what most would call mercenary work.
  • Fen operates her own established & clandestine intelligence network. Others can join it. Others can profit from it, too.
  • Fen is a wanted criminal. She had a hand amongst the Alacran who held power over Ul'dah for a time. 
  • Fen is fond of the arts, such as music and dance. She enjoys entertaining others and is versed in poetry and ballads from foreign lands, something soothing for someone pining for home.


Her carrd, complete with more information, can be viewed here: https://fenthefortunate.carrd.co/




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