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The Golden Sands Caravan | Materia, Sophia <<Sands>>

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"Dear Sons and Daughters of the Golden Sands; We who strive to blaze safe paths across the world - and we who create wonders that none have ever seen.

We are, at our core-  Children of Nald'thal, we follow in their teachings even if all of us do not hold them in veneration, we are traders and adventurers - we fight as much for Good as we do for Greed. We fight as much for generosity as we do for profit. We balance these values as to ascertain peace. We are not divided by race, nor religion - but instead united for a common want for safe trade amongst the nations of great Eorzea, and beyond.

Each of you has been handpicked; for you are the very best of the best - whether you can create fine clothing, exquisite jewels or mighty blades ; or if you wield those mighty blades to protect the innocent and uphold the righteous. 

The Al Dynasty has long since fallen, but I hope - that through our work together, we can restore my family, and restore peace and restoration to not only Ul'dah, but to all of Eorzea.

- Lord Goro Al Doro


The Golden Sands Caravan is a recently formed roleplay centered Free Company based in Materia - and currently residing in Sophia. We focus on the stories of traders, merchants, craftsmen and warriors - who spread out across the world to explore, forge alliances, establish traderoutes and uplift those who need uplifting. We are open to all races, religions, classes and creeds - so long as you can put in the work to help build up our Caravansary.

We will be hosting social events ranging from tavern-time to fullscale convoys that cross all of Eorzea and beyond. Along with social events, we will still function just as much as a standard free company, doing dungeons, helping levelling, raiding, everything.

If this sounds like something fun to you, please consider joining our discord (Still largely W.I.P) - and becoming one of our founding members.

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