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[Crystal / Balmung] LFRP: Arus Kajah, the Prideful Merchant

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Yo, yo!


I'm here today to introduce my new OC, Arus Kajah! I'm looking for some fresh new connections to write with so I figured I'd advertise here as well.

What I'm looking for is pretty standard and hopefully if you are interested we can plot some things out together!


I'll toss his carrd here which has a lot of the info below on there! It's still a big WIP since I want to add a lot more to it, but it gets to the basics.


What I'm seeking: 

- Long term plots

- Potential connections for Arus

- Even one shot/short term things!


Quick Overview:

Arus in a nutshell is typically arrogant, but has gained that trait through his vast success and knowledge in the world of trade. Sometimes he does weaponize his charm, but only if it'll get him a good deal or a business relationship. In regards to that he generally searches for rare commodities tucked away in the eldest of dungeons or things most deem sacred and sells them for high profits. If he can get his hands on it, it will be turned to coin.


Some hooks & plot points:

Merchant; Lover of trade - Looking for a specific item or need assistance getting one? Arus will certainly help out, for a price!

Both sides of the coin - Arus is skilled in both sides of the market; underground and those with more wholesome views of trade.

Wanted? - Arus can be found smiling on all sorts of wanted boards across the star. He mostly thinks they exist out of spite and envy.

Ablaze - Arus loves to play with fire in both senses of the term. He's still getting a grasp on it, but the rune tattoos have been helping a lot.


My schedule can be kind of wild since I raid and stream most of the week, but we can totally work something out.


I look forward to meeting you and your character!


2022-02-14_14-25-51-843_Talim - Zuko.png


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