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[Balmung - LFRP] Lucetta de Laurent, a Dragoon headed t'wards new horizons!

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Looking for Long-term RP with characters related to Ishgard, be they heretics, knights, or anything in between!

—— † Name: Lucetta de Laurent
— † Race: Ishgardian Elezen
— † Age: 33
— † Gender: Cis Female
— † Profile: https://lucettaffxiv.carrd.co/

—— † TL;DR Backstory:
From a young age, Lucetta has been plagued with mental illness visions from The Fury. Driven by faith and fear, she's dedicated her life to serving the Holy See. With the Dragonsong War over, the devout Dragoon has begun to earnestly broaden her horizons, painfully Ishgardian as she may be.

—— † Looking for:
— † Ishgardian connections, be they heretics, knights, or anything in between!
— † Outsider contacts that may take an interest in a Dragoon. Are you a blacksmith dying to take a close look at drachenmail, or perhaps an alchemist that wants a blood sample from someone with some funky looking aether?
— † Long-term RP. Discord or in-game is fine, though life has had me relying on Discord lately!

—— † Not Interested in:
— † Lore-breaking RP. Unlikely concepts are fine- the WoL is still canon!
— † Nobody under 18+, both OOC and IC.
— † Not opposed to romance, but Lucetta is an unconventional bachelor to say the least!


If interested please contact me through the info provided in my carrd!

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