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New and nervous!

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Hi everyone!




I'm very new to this whole thing! I've just started my character again and I've been wanting to try to for a while but I have major confidence issues and had friends that used to mock stuff like this a lot which made it hard for me to get into. I'm no longer friends with them, including the guy who got me into FFXIV so I thought I'd make a post!




I've been playing FFXIV for quite a few years, I've always rushed the story or story skipped to get to my ex-friends level and never really got to enjoy the game as much as I would have liked, even though I love the game and the world.




I recently decided to get back into the game and take it very slowly, I'm going to enjoy the story and experience parts of the game I wanted to from the beginning! That means RP too! I'm only like, level 5 or so and I'm already enjoying it way more than I had been before. 




I'm on Balmung! I haven't quite got my characters backstory down yet but it's a WIP. 




My character: He is a Hyur Ishgardian. He doesn't remember much about his past, he sometimes gets flashes of memories and moments of PTSD like moments that remind him of his former life. All he knows is that he was kicked out from Ishgard for some reason, as when he approaches the gates he is always turned away and referred to as a Blackguard. Instead of feeling disgraced of his title, he remembers feeling a weird sense of saddening pride from it so he dons it as a moniker. 


He finds himself being pulled towards wanting to learn dark magic and the dark arts and, although he spends his current days working as a marauder, it's something he likes to study and mess with in his spare time. 




I'm trying to make him as little of a Mary Sue as possible but I do love a bit of dark flare haha. Also love the DRK class but need to have something here until I unlock it hahaha. 


Also I know amnesia is a bit over done but I think having a foggy memory will help me as I learn more of the lore and such. Makes my character a bit flexible. 



Thank you all who read this I appreciate it a lot! I'm really REALLY new to this so I appreciate that this community is so patient and kind. 😌


I live in UK so I'm in the BST time zone but I work nights so my online hours vary haha. 

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Welcome to the RPC, Happy-Sqweb, I'm glad you could join us. ^_^


I'm sorry that things went so bad with your former friends. If at all possible I hope your friendships will be reconciled someday. In the meantime I wish you all the best as you explore the world of RPing, make new friends and create new memories. 


You have the right idea, take your time as you play through the Main Story Quest. And by all means take advantage of the supplementary lore content in the side quests. The game is bursting with world building information in every job, profession, item and ingredient. 


I hope you have a wonderful time as you develop your character and engage with the community. 

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Hey Squeeb! I'm new and nervous with RP too and we're on the same data center. I have two low level alts who are built for rp too. I really love rping with my main but I'm flexible.


I'm planning on getting an apartment in Ishgard tomorrow because I love it there. Your character sounds very interesting and I love helping people build their characters up.


I'd love to connect and learn together.


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