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I was just curious if anyone was on the playstation network and what games they played and if anyone is interested in being friends on there. I mostly play Super Street Fighter 4 (the only other game I have aside form FFXIII) maybe we can play a game. My user name is, go figure, Nedral.

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Im on PSN= Renaise


Not playing too much at the moment, but I do have Super Street Fighter IV, King of Fighters XII and Blazblue that I stick on and play online occasionally xD


Oooh also White Knight Chronicles and Red Dead Redemption... man I have a lot of games to get through /sigh

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how is white knight chronicles?

While the story isn't much to write home about, I dunno, it's just kinda fun being able to change into a 40foot tall White Knight and battle equally large regular foes.


The online part can get a bit repetitive but its fine if you have some good friends to play through it with.


I will get the sequel, if for no other reason than this time around your online avatar gets to have his or her own customizable Knight :D

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My 360 recently died, so I'm torn between replacing it or getting a ps3. I've been toying with the idea of not getting either and sticking with pc gaming, but I feel weird about that.

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On my linkshell forums, we have a stickied thread with everyone's PSN and Gamertags with everyone's name organized and a list of games they can play. I'm gonna go ahead and make a new thread combining all of the PSN handles and Gamer tags with any games people can play from this post and the other thread, and then just edit my OP when ever someone posts more games or a new Handle.

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I'm looking into getting a PS3 myself. I've always wanted to play Fat Princess; it sounds so cool. :D


Fat Princess was crap, imo. At least, it's not the reason you should buy a PS3.


Aw, haha, well don't worry, it's not the only thing I'm getting a PS3 for, it's just one of the things I was interested in.

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