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[2022 April 15] Recent and upcoming server adjustments

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You may have seen some broken pages on the forums here and there, whether "this site is inaccessible because it's being updated" or other "technical issues" errors. This was a mishap on my part while getting the forums upgraded and adjusting some services on our webserver.


I'm currently working on planning out some software updates for the wiki, but that software is a little more involved as our login bridge is a bit delicate. There are a couple options that can be used that I'll need to test implementing before any changes are made. 


It -should- be resolved now, but if you can see this post, but can't access a part of the forum or wiki, please email RPC staff at [email protected] or reach out to one of the mods on discord and they can poke me to go take a look and make sure everything is functioning as it should!

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