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Lord Soth

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For those of you unfamiliar with the popular character from D&D Dragonlance and Ravenloft:




Basically, Lord Soth was a the greatest of great Paladins of the greatest of the great knightly orders.  Then, he fell.  He fell several times.  He became a death knight.  His fall from grace and honor is legendary.


Now, before everyone jumps down this thread's throat and says I am about to advocate for dimensional jumping of Lord Soth from his realm to FF14, WAIT!


There are currently Paladins in FF14.  We know Dark Knights are coming at some point.  We have also heard, although I don't think they are gonna this way now, that Dark Knight may split from Paladin through a quest. (Yoshi said something about this sometime ago.)


My question is, anybody out there that wants to start off a Paladin doing great noble deeds and slowly start to slip from that high mountain into the low decent of evil and thus, become a dark knight when it is released?


I myself am not going this way, but I thought it might be fun to bring it up as an idea.


Enjoy the discussion!

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Several years ago this kind of story would have been cool, but over the years it's been done ad nauseum. The idea of the great hero falling from grace existed long before Lord Soth (though he was perhaps one of the most well known in his time), then Arthas from Warcraft 3 made it popular again, and eventually we saw it done again and again and again in World of Warcraft when they added the Death Knights. You could even say that it was also made popular in a way by Star Wars with the prequels, seeing Anakin Skywalker rise and then fall to become Darth Vader.


I'm not saying it's a terrible idea, just that sadly it's like a dead horse roleplay concept in my book.

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Most..if not all Rp concepts become a 'dead horse' the longer one RPs. Which is why putting a spin on certain concepts keeps things refreshing. A whole lot of curve balls on the journey from A to Z keeps things refreshing.


This is completely true, but what I mean to say is that the concept of a fallen hero turned sinister villain has become increasingly popular in recent years within video games and movies. I'm not even talking about the amount of people who RP this type of concept, because in my opinion the only thing roleplayed more than a fallen hero is a brooding anti-hero. No, what I'm referring to is that in the past few years we've seen a sudden spike in these type of characters in numerous fantasy settings, especially in games, where a character starts out either as the protagonist, or an ally to the protagonist, and somewhere along the journey he turns bad and ends up the antagonist. Hell, I could even point you to the psuedo-super hero movie/comic Kick Ass that brazenly did this as perhaps the most recent example I can think of, or maybe even the Lizard Man in the Amazing Spider-Man movie to a lesser extent. It's just the type of villain I see trending more than others in video games and such.


With that being said, I actually see the opposite being more used, if for no other reason than because people want to be Cecil clones. That being Dark Knights turning Paladins.

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I won't lie, I was actually looking at something similar to this myself. It just depends on how dark knight is unlocked once it's announced and how it plays. The story they offer on how one becomes a dark knight (while not something everyone will use/incorporate) could spark creativity to as was said, put a spin on old concepts and keep them interesting. Though rather than become evil, I'd want to play a semi-redeemedish dark knight. But, no matter what, there's sure to be a lot of them around.

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