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Question about Aether and Weapons.

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Hello, it's been.. quite a while since I have been on this forum and am not sure where to put this question properly.. So I'll just ask and see.


I've recently been active on FFXIV again and been rolling around Ul'dah and been looking at the new adventure plates and I've been noticing something. There have been people saying one can use their Aether to change their weapons.. Like.. Carrying a simple sword then switching/changing it to a greataxe using aether to change their fighting style. I'm not quite sure how this would work, IF this would work. But I do know that if this is a thing, if this is properly possible.. without the use of soulstones preferably.. I would very much like to know as it's an interesting concept.


Also don't know if this is a topic already here so I apologize of I'm just.. being a dumb.

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There's not really any lore/canon basis for this. If I had to guess, it's just people trying to explain away why their character can instantly change weapons/classes IC. Given what we've seen of aether, I'm not sure how plausible the idea is considering we've never seen an NPC do it even though I'm sure it could be useful in any number of situations. But if anyone does want to embrace the idea in their RP there's probably no harm; "aether" can be a convenient explanation for just about everything under the sun.

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Well.. there's another question I wanted to ask at some point.. I'm a veteran WoW RPer and I know that magic in WoW can pretty much do anything. Like.. Magic has veeeery few limitations there. Now how is that with Aether? How far can one go with aether? Are there clear limitation and restrictions in the use of Aether that WoWs magic doesn't really have.


Also, your name was very familiar to me Faye. You helped me on my last post I made on this forum 4 years ago xD

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