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Greetings! Finally glad I made the jump.


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Hello, greetings new friends!
Hello, my name's Nel or most call me "RUM".
I'm super excited to start role-playing on this game and get into the scene. I've been role-playing since I was around fourteen into various heavy-role play scenarios, let it be from World of Warcraft, Text Based Forums, and furthermore on Neverwinter. I've truly fell in love with the idea of making a character from nothing to something, really giving them an extra level of detail and giving them that story ever since I was young. Suppose I was super intimidated by FFXIV for the reason that it's one of the biggest role-play communities in any MMO.
Most of my time has been based on World of Warcraft Role-Play and it was pretty different from what I see. I hope to see some more "heavy" stuff here, long term. 
A bit about me / Personal background:
I'm twenty seven, from Canada (PMT).
I use to make hockey / curling ice for a living but currently am finishing up to get my red-seal in welding and arts.
I enjoy various vidya games, horror movies, ( I'm a big movie buff ) and I enjoy metal, 70's - 90's rock, food and more food.
Hope to see ya'll out there!

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