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It's been a while since I've ventured onto these forums. I'll try to keep this short and sweet and straight to the point.


I'm looking for some roleplay connections for my Elezen, Silvaire Komione. I'll link his carrd below in a moment. 


— A bit about me:


▪︎ I work full time, so please don't expect replies consistently. My weekends are also busy

▪︎ EST time zone

▪︎ I tend to match my partner for RP response length, though my standard responses range from 2 - 4 paragraphs

▪︎ Sometimes, when I'm not tired, I draw so you can maybe expect some art from time to time

▪︎ I prefer RPs via Discord since that's more manageable with my schedule, but in-game RPs aren't off the table


— Other notes:

——> I'm not very big on romance (sorry), i.e., it's not my main focus but it's something we can explore should there be a viable connection established between characters and players (us). 


——> The tone of my RPs tend to be more serious as I enjoy handling mature topics—yes, this can include all things dark and gruesome. I love my tender and wholesome moments just as much as I adore the gritty pain of some others. 


——> I don't stick too strictly to lore because sometimes it can be restrictive for potential ideas people may have. Be as accurate to the lore as you want should we RP and please don't ever worry over the details. Roleplaying is meant to be fun and expressive.


——> For all other inquiries, feel free to message me! 


— Carrd:



— Discord: 


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