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Old Night Owl Seeks Long-term/Long-form Connections & Storylines

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♦ I am an older gamer (40+) who is looking for other sensible adult gamers aged 21 and up for roleplay and PVE shenanigans. No offense to the younger crowd, I just like to surround myself with like-minded folks at a similar stage of life that understand that Real Life, Responsibility, and Family come first. I have a lot of things IRL that require my time and attention outside of gaming, so I can't always be here as much as I'd like.

♦ I have a long history with long-format roleplay via forums, which means that I love to write in-depth scenes and experiences.  I say this only as a reassurance that I'm in this for the Long Haul and that I want my character to be part of deep, moving experiences that span weeks, months, even years with the right writing partners. 



Preferences Boundaries

♦ Late Night Players

I have Daytime 8-5 folks aplenty, what I'm really looking for these days are fellow late-nighters/overnight folk to while away the hours with after midnight.


♦ In-Game Roleplay & Say/Emote

While I'm skilled in many different formats of RP, my preferred medium is FFXIV itself. Discord and other formats will only be considered after established rapport and dedication.


When in-game, I prefer to roleplay in the public /say and /emote channels to provide others the opportunity to interact and engage. 


♦ Long-form RP & English Fluency

I prefer longer posts / multiple paragraphs. I don't spellcheck and I don't grammar check, but I do ask that you have a comprehendible English fluency. I've seen enough badly Google-translated RP to know that I don't enjoy it and find its formatting jarring.


♦ Communicative, Friendly, and Engaging Partners

I enjoy being friends with my writing partners as much as I do writing with them. I like for them to be able to communicate with me on an OOC level and be comfortable doing so. Send me silly cat pics or goofy FFXIV memes, tell me about your day if you're comfortable with that. 


♦ No Mature Content Without Prior Consent

I'm generally fine with most themes, but please ask me before pursuing certain scenes, particularly extreme violence, gore, torture, sexuality or maudlin. There are some days I can write for these themes and others when I can't. I ask for your understanding and consideration. Under NO circumstance will I ever be okay with roleplaying scenes of rape or suicide.  Do not ask and do not attempt.


♦ Standard RP Riders

No metagaming. No godmoding. No IC/OOC blending. 


♦ No OOC Relationship Seekers

I am happily married IRL.  Friendship is my limit.  Look for anything more with me and I'll happily add you to my blacklist.


Any questions or concerns?  
Please don't hesitate to ask!  This may make me sound kind of scary, but I'm just a person who knows her own expectations and wants to make them clear up-front.


















Feel free to contact me to set up something OOC!


Discord: casualcatte#1384 ♦  http://www.casualcatte.com
In-Game:  Katja [email protected]

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