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Enthusiam Check! New Linkshell!

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We have knightly orders, we have information-networks, wehave charitable groups, we even have a performer's guild and a researchers guild and an assassin's order and the even a Labor Union amongst the linkshell hall! Well I was thinking (I swear I saw smoke, these idea things can be dangerous!) and I realized there's not really a home for those characters whom have the strict ideals about the "Good" alongside the get-it-done ideals of the... not so good! Ergo I'm proposing this enthusiasm check for a new linkshell or even a free company if enough people show interest!


The Black Templares


An order of Knights whom follow a strict code of ethics onhow to exist in the world. Their primary goal in the current umbral era is to exist as the bloodied blades of, simultaneously, vindication and guardianship. None of its members are the weak of heart for their burden is to carry Eorzea out its current umbral era and in turn usher in a world where they themselves would only be thought of as a remnant of the past.


These Knights aren't the faint of heart. They can't be. Their code would provide them the guidelines to both protect those that need them be they king or farmer or street-whore but likewise empower them with the strength of will to cut down the unjust, the oppressive, the cowardly and the evil. They must rise up amongst the rest and with them pull others to their feet and guide them forward. They must seek to give guidance just as quickly as they would seek to ruin someone for spreading the seeds of corruption.  These men and women are prepared to dowhatever it takes, even if it meant, committing an act that in and of itself would be reprehensible to others. The greater good prevails even when its agents are not as shining.


So please let me know what y'all think. I know it's astretch but... well I think a lot of characters whom may not exactly be the real "goodie-goodie" type will find a home here. Also please send me a PM if you have any questions!

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As a member of the Knights of the Twelve, it would be interesting to see, and to interact with this group. Kind of the shadow of our group...

My thoughts exactly.


Oh hey there pardner! ^_^


Op: looks like you've a lot of interest, and even an intra-guild rp possibility. Go you! ^_~

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