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Roleplay Hotspots!

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Hello everyone, just interested in finding out where you think the Roleplay hotspots in the game will be, may it be Tavern roleplay, ect.


Personally I think Costa Les Sol (Sorry if I spelt that wrong) will be a big hotspot for me, and I know a lot of people wanted to go there also.


How about you guys?

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In 1.0, I know the vast majority of the random RP I found was at the fountain in Ul'dah (the indoors one with the benches) and the amphitheater in Gridania.


I wouldn't be surprised if the Adventurer's Guilds in the various cities got some action, since there are conveniently placed tables/chair where you can sit and discuss adventurey thingies before going off to do said adventurey thingies.

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I could honestly see any of the small towns/hamlets being used regularly for RP given there are so many interiors and every place tends to have some great scenery. Vesper Bay will probably see some regular use in particular given its relation to the Scions of the Seventh Dawn (and being a seaside town), like you said Costa del Sol will definitely be a hotspot since it's designed like a vacation resort complete with bar and everything. That little area just west of Quarrymill in South Shroud that just has the tavern in it seems like a prime spot for mercenaries to gather.


Like Trickery mentioned, the Adventurer's Guilds will probably see the most traffic because they're the traditional tavern/inn style establishment that many adventurers like to gather in.

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Most random RP in v.1.0 I found was in the Miners Guild in Uldah, but I checked it in beta and they changed it ... more drunks (too many NPC for my taste) and no cute Miqo'te females anymore :(   Gief taverns!


Ah well, I'm sure we'll find more places to RP at.

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