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Another One!?


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I've always been real bad at these introduction posts, so I'm just going to type until my brain tells me to shut up.


I am a giddy roleplayer that likes to be called Jiggy for some reason. I was originally going to make a Sea Wolf battle poet named Swarstrym. However after some thinking and a bit of inspiration from my dearest sister, whom you may know as Gercho, I have now settled on a Miqo'te storyteller/poet. MMOs with strong lore have quickly become my favorite environment for roleplay, though I often seem to struggle getting myself involved in the community. So here's hoping this will be different! I've poked around the forums and wiki and already see a lot of good stuff and am really looking forward to aforementioned good stuff.



I just saw the smiles and had to toss this in there.

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Hey there!! Welcome aboard. ^_^


I hope you get involved with us (the community) as well. I haven't seen anything but great people thus far :lol:

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HI! Welcome to RPC, come on in the water is insane ... I mean great. If you have any questions about anything feel free to ask, the people here are extremely friendly and helpful. :D

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I hope you enjoy your time here and in game! As for the "good stuff" there is plenty to be had. Everyone here is really great and easy to get along with. I hope to meet you in game one day and listen to one of your characters stories/poems.

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Thank you all very much. From what I can see this community is just as friendly as yall say it is. Going to have to meet up with some folks in game before this beta phase ends. Now if you'll excuse me, I have some lore to consume.

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