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Herro ^^

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Hey everyone!


I'm new the site and new to Final Fantasy RP in general. I've just made a character on the unofficial RP realm seen at the Welcome Desk area thing. I do ask for some help settling in - I made a Miqo'te, Keeper of Nocturnal named Nako Sunsong. I need some help settling in and looking for people to RP with. I'm an experienced RPer due to RPing in SWTOR, GW2, World Of Warcraft and on various forum sites so I'm no newbie to RP just Final Fantasy RP. Thanks!

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Welcome Nako!


As your first step, you may look around the forum and visit the linkshell section of the website. If you haven't any clue, Linkshell is a in-game function that act like a clan of sort, once you select your linkshell and received, you may access to a list of members within that linkshell. A player may have up to 8 linkshell at once.


I hope you have a good time in RPC.

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