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G'day and such!


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Hi everyone!


I've come to Final Fantasy after the encouragement of some people on the Wildstar forums and luckily enough got into the most recent beta so I had the opportunity to give it a try. This being my first FF game it has taken a bit getting use to and I very much feel out of the loop in lore yet the game itself appears fun, I'm excited to hear you can sit on chairs (sad, I know) not to mention the fact that there is housing! :D


I've been a roleplayer for more than a decade (I'm 28 for all those curious folks) so I am not new to that part, just the FF specific setting so I'm going to have to work hard on my character concept in the coming weeks. At the moment I'm leaning towards a highlander as they are the most 'womanly', as opposed to young teenage girl looking, of all races. Well apart from those big orc like things.... Roe something? as you can see I really have a lot to learn lol


In any case, I'm glad to be here and look forward to playing with you all.


P.S - Yes, I'm Aussie as the title of this thread suggests. That is why Im leaning towards making a character on the Balmung server as I need a server that will be active during Oceanic periods, and more ppl = more chance of that.

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Welcome to the RPC and Final Fantasy!


I am just getting started with FFXIV myself, but if you want someone to bounce ideas off of for characters i always have a free ear, or would it be eye in this case...


I digress, i hope you enjoy the game and really get into the RP here.

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