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Hello children!

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Hey kidddddies. I'm some dork who's been pleasantly surprised by the quality that FF14 has put on with the beta. So surprised, she decided she may as well invest into a whole new community and try out RP again.

I will most likely be playing my Roegadyn Paerlwyn Guldbloewyn, otherwise known as Rita.


I mostly hail from WoW, but I've kinda been around the block in a lot of RP formats, so I'm fairly comfortable.

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Hey there and welcome to the RPC! Glad you gave FFXIV another chance and I hope it continues to impress you. Should you need any help or anything, wither game related or anything else, feel free to ask! :3

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Chef? Is that you, Chef? 


But yeah, welcome to the site. I hope to see you around. It's awesome that you have some prior experience (unlike me) with rping in mmos. I've been strictly forum based until now. Anyway, I hope to see you in game.

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