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Hello. I haven't RP'ed since my AOL chatroom days when I was a kid but the idea seems very interesting in this MMO. Especially with how real the world feels to me. (NPC's interacting with eachother, the whole atmosphere) I have a character on Balmung but I'm wondering if I should try out having a second character for RP and keep my main character as my regular leveling character. One reason is I think lalafell are absolutely adorable but I want to play miqote since I grew attached to my mithra in FFXI. But I also feel like playing my miqote as RP, I might end up emulating myself too much. Any advice or suggestions on that? Would it be acceptable if I didn't have a LOT of time to devote and still spent time progressing more on my main character?


Please be nice, I'm new, probably don't have much idea what I'm doing anymore but I think I'd like to give it a shot. :3 Thank you ahead of time! Nice to meet you all.

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Miqo'te or Lalafel either way we're glad to have you. ^_^ I personally have both a Miqo'te and Lalafel so there's no reason you can't have two!! Whichever one you want to have as your main is really up to you though, which one do you feel you would best be able to connect with- and which one would you have the most fun playing? That's all that really matters afterall and you can always change your mind too I have a couple times now hehe

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Hey there!


What you're suggesting is completely fine! There's nothing wrong with a character for gaming and an rp character. Really you should do what you feel most comfortable with whether it's multiple characters or rp'ing only when you're in the mod for it. :)


There are a few guides with some suggestions about getting started with RP that you may want to check out as a way to help steer away from just emulating yourself (though to be honest, I think everyone starts out that way to an extent).




That aside, the folks here are very friendly and welcoming to newcomers, whether it's new to the community, new to FF, or new to RP in general. Like Alothia said, if you have any questions or there's a way we can help, feel free to ask. :)

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Good to meet yea, and enjoy the stay. I'm also figuring it all out around here too.:thumbsup:


Everyone should go at their pace, if someone else says you need to do more... if you can handle it, AND want to handle it go ahead. But as a subscription game you should play at your pace.


I've seen other forum users talk about having multiple characters. Its completely doable when you figure you have a new character to RP as or need a new look on things. Also nothing wrong with emulating ones self as a character. My biggest advice about coming back to any sort of RP especially after a long break is to just take it slow and get familiar with the lore of the world around your character.

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The name of the game is to have FUN! You can't RP too much or too little. You just roll with whatever you're comfortable with. If you feel like RPing then give RP a shot for a while. If you've had your fill and/or would rather level then have at it. And don't think that you can't do both with the same character. I typically play only one character regardless of how many I'm allowed. I find time for RP and grinding.

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Thank you so much for the welcomes and advice. :3 I think I might make a second lalafell to RP with, I have plenty of time to decide at least since phase 4 won't be for a little while. Hell, maybe I could try RPing with both if I felt like it.. Play two different types of characters. :D


As for information about me.. I'm 23, turning 24 in August, female and I live in Orlando, FL. I work from home but I usually choose hours morning/day time and then evening is my free time for playing. I used to play FFXI with 75THF/SAM/COR and those were the best times I've had in any MMO, nothing has come close since. I'm hoping to have a fun social life in FFXIV like I did in FFXI. My other interests are anime, reading, scifi/fantasy and general other nerdy stuff. Hope to make a lot of friends in game. :) Any questions or want to chat or make friends, feel free to message me. ^_^

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