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*Hands out cookies* Hiya!


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Hi there! I'm another newbie looking forward to meeting you all! 


Ah.. where to begin, I'm always so terrible at these introduction thingies...


Well, I'm 26 years old and have been roleplaying in some shape or form since age five. Call it something I never really grew out of. I love fantasy, and long walks on the beach... Wait wrong train of thought. Teehee.


I love writing maybe a bit too much... to the point of occasional rambling. I have roleplayed in many different formats including Gaia Online, Ultima Online, World of Warcraft, and most recently Tera as a guild master of an RP guild there. I'll briefly mention here that many of my guild are looking to transfer over and start a new Linkshell/Free company.


I have written many stories about my various RP characters and enjoy trying to diversify them as much as I possible can. I also enjoy writing challenges and plot twists in RP (the fun kind, not like the demon-vampire-princess of a faraway realm kind). 


I have a few ideas in mind for my female Miqo'te Keeper of the Moon. (I know another one. Don't worry I won't be all anime-otaku with her!) However what I would really like to find is some websites or a person who could fill me in on lore. As I am completely new to the game with just snippets of lore from the wiki, trying to understand the world and how it works is proving a bit of a challenge with what I have found available. :dazed: It feels there is so much to digest but it makes me excited because there's plenty of lore to work with. 


While RP is my primary passion I do enjoy the progressive feel of raiding notably from WoW back when raiding was cool. (BC/Early WOTLK) I would also like to meet some people who share an interest in this type of playstyle as well. 


As of right now my sights are on the Gilgamesh server however I haven't fully decided. The only things I know about my character is her name, appearance, and the way I plan on roleplaying her personality. 


I think I have finally run out of things to say for the moment, so please hold your rotten food throwing until I can find a shield of some sort... :cactuar:

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Welcome! I'm new here myself but I've been out of the RP-game for years so I'm hoping to make some new friends and learn some things about roleplaying again. ^^ Sorry I can't be of much help but thought I would extend a friendly welcome since I have received one here so far as well. :D

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Hello and welcome to RPC! Don't worry if you find it a bit hard to get all the lore right away, you have plenty of time to learn. Besides, learning is part of the fun.


A good starting point would be checking the post by Merri here, while it doesn't explain everything about the world, it sure gives you a good resume of everything that happened prior to ARR.


That said, if there is anything you are unsure about, be it lore or character ideas, feel free to ask, the community here is quite nice and will be glad to help.

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Welcome to the RPC! I believe I've seen your RP guild in TERA so it's great to see you here as well! :D


Thanks for the cookies, and of course, huzzah for 'old school' (LOL is BC/WotLK old school now or does that only still apply to Vanilla WoW?) raiders. It's great to see there's a decent number of RP'ers who are into every aspect of the game.

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Thank you! :moogle: It's quite possible! Yes, I agree BC/Wotlk raiding doesn't feel too old school to people who were there. To my credit I did attempt raiding in Vanilla... but wiping on the bat priestess in ZF I don't think counts for much... <.< 


I'm glad to hear you say that, It'll be great to have a thriving end game RPPVE community. It is one of the many aspects my guild wants to tackle but of course it may help to be capped first. :P  One thing at a time. Phase four can't come soon enough.

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Wanted to say its nice to see another UO/Gaia survivor around. (I was on a Great Lakes shard as part of the Grey Company.)


I hope you've had the chance to meet some interesting people already. Just as a note, (if no ones pointed it out to you already) feel free to peruse the Wiki, I find the "Lore" and "Player Character" sections particularly helpful when introducing people to the world that we'll be taking a part of.




I'll be on Balmung myself, but best of luck out in Eorzea none-the-less.



I have fond memories of Snaxxramas 2.0... A retread yes, but still fun.


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