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Right, I know a lot of people imply that someone's merely been knocked unconscious when they go down to 0 HP, and that Raise is simply rousing them, however, how do we explain the resurrecting at the crystals?


its something that I've been wondering for a while now.


This is more for people who limit the effectiveness of White magic in an RP sense, as those that view it as an equally powerful force to Black Magic probably have no issue with the binding of ones spirit to a crystal and resurrecting there due to us being different to the normal folk of Eorzea.



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As it stands, I believe even the text on raise states that all the spell does canonically is rouse some one from an unconscious state. Falling to 0 HP in XIV is in fact considered being knocked unconscious. The text even says exactly that.


That being said, resurrection of the dead was loosely dabbled in with the original 1.0 storyline, but seeing as that never went anywhere we didn't get final answers on it.


As it stands, though, the Thaumaturge's guild's stance on the resurrection of the dead isn't too great. At all. Since it basically equates to necromancy.


Unfortunately, canonically, bringing some one back from death isn't exactly something commonplace, let alone something that happens at all. Not saying it isn't a possibility, but it's not a simple subject by any stretch.

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fair enough, I was simply going by what I had read in a different thread, I didn't get to dabble with Conjurer at all, so probably not as brushed up as I could be.


so, if it does indeed equate to being knocked out, is there a lore reasoning as to why we rouse back at a crystal? or is it simply an unexplained mechanic?

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I unfortunately can't remember either, but I know it has something to do with being attuned to the aetheryte, you will be returned to it if you are knocked unconscious in the field. Via the aether.~

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