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Hey folks.


I am somewhat a newbie role player looking to role play on FFXIV. I was a big FFXI gamer and on MMOs I've always wanted to roleplay, but generally joined friends on their servers, who were non-roleplayers so I never had the chance. There's a couple of us starting up in FFXIV:ARR and I'm going to be setting up a linkshell and trying to entice gamers we know into the game (people we know from FFXI and other MMOs). This means server choice was left with me, so in abusing my power I wanted to go for an RP server. :P


Anyhow, I am new to FFXIV (currently participating in BETA), so I will be picking up some of the lore, but I figure I've got a suitable backstory. The LS I'm setting up will be called The Pirates of Eorzea (subject to change) as I ran one called Pirates of Urghan back when I was playing FFXI. Obviously there's going to be the challenge of working it into lore and without the use of the Corsair job ;), but I think I've created enough of a backstory for it to work.


I was once Captain Saefinn, I had my own crew, but during a great storm on the seas our ship was ransacked and sunk by the beastmen known as the Sahagin. Watching my crew slaughtered in front of me, I was unable to do anything - I never got to Captain through my fighting prowess or heck through my brains or strategic ability, I was the kind who was quick with his tongue and not sword or mind. Sure I could win a bar brawl, but I could never really fight - I paid people to do that for me. I washed up on a shore West of Mor Dhona, coughing up sea water, barely conscious. There I was rescued by a Lalafell Conjurer, she healed some of my wounds and helped nurse me back to health. She knew nothing of my past dealings - the smuggling, the fact I'd have anybody killed should they stand in my way of making good money.



At this point I could only see myself as a failure as a captain, I had no way to handle myself in a fight, I didn't exactly have the brains either, I knew if I was going to get a new crew together I'd need a little more than a quick tongue and I knew of the various guilds across the land. On the first night our camp was attacked and the Lalafell Conjurer showed herself to be an excellent fighter. I talked at length with her about magic, she spoke of Conjuruers, Thaumaturges and Arcanists, the mages, Scholars and Summoners. It was the Scholars who interested me most, the tacticians, the studied mind, those who were not only powerful, but always had a battleplan and I felt as a captain I needed a battle plan. I needed the ability to protect my crew from any dangers that presented them. The Lalafell taught me a few things about being a Conjurer before leaving, she said it would help me on my path, to my surprise I was a natural at it.



Once we parted ways I made my way to Gridania, where I would learn more about this art and start earning my way to become a Captain of a new crew, but smuggling will no longer be the game, there's fortune and adventure to be made elsewhere. There's much bigger fish to fry and larger fortunes to be made. I felt now it was my duty to learn more about the beastmen and seek revenge for my lost crew. Whilst this will lead me on a better path, I am still not a man of the law, I can't help it, but as long as nobody rats me out, then I can at least pretend I'm a changed man.




This allows me to start a conjurer off in phase 4, then start arcanist on release with the aim to become a Scholar (I assume Scholar will require Arcanist and Conjurer, or I'm boned ;)). It gives me reason to work for money and in doing so it allows me to understand more about the beastmen threats (I certainly have the motivation to fight against them). It also creates the excuse to recruit for a new LS. I hope this doesn't smell to bad for anybody.





Anyhow, this looks like a fantastic place to collaberate with other RPers. So I am sure I will enjoy being a part of the community.




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Welcome to the RPC. Pirates are always fun! There are lots of sailors of dubious credibility around Limsa Lominsa, and you needn't necessarily feel limited by class options (but you seem to have worked that one out already). Anyway. Have lots of fun, ask lots of questions, and welcome once again.

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Cheers. It's going to be Limsa where he's going to discover the Arcanist's guild on release - to draw him away from his Conjurer flair and later lead him onto the Scholar path. So dubious sailors may be a useful attraction. :P


As for class, I agree (obviously :)), a pirate only needs to engage in piracy, it doesn't even have to be at sea, which is useful considering my ship is at the bottom of the sea. ;) Though I suspect if they do Musketeer & Corsair, then I probably will level it as a secondary class/job. On FFXI I was a SCH, COR & PUP. I see SCH already has a similar lore to FFXI, hence I'm sure the 'tactician' part will be useful for a captain.

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