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Hello all!

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Well met! I'm very eager to be part of such a wonderful and fun community. I grew up playing RPGs my entire life (Mainly the FFs). I've also played D&D quite a few times, so RP as a whole is not that new to me. I've played other MMO's, but never RPed in them. When FFXIV came along, I jumped at the chance to RP. FF has meant so much to me my entire life. Being able to create something in that world is just too great an opportunity for me. To me, FF without RP is like a bicycle without a frame, you can go somewhere, somehow...with those wheels, but you've no frame to hold it together. So I don't really see how you'd go anywhere. Or something like that.


Can't wait to RP with everyone on Balmung come launch!

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I did have one question that I didn't quite figure out before Phase 3 ended. How do you do custom emotes?

If you want to do an emote motion without the text, you can use "/ motion". You can use macros to combine this with text in /em.


For example, if you prefer the /goodbye wave to /wave, you could do something like:

/goodbye motion

/em waves to .


will appear as the target's name, and you can drag the macro button to one of your bars so you can spam it as much as you like.

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Hello and welcome~! I like your bicycle analogy about Final Fantasy and RP C: I kind of went into this game with the same mindset. To answer your question about custom emotes (and I'm answering this assuming you mean how we do: Scarlet Willow smiles warmly, welcoming the newcomer with a pint of ale.) you just type /em and type out whatever you want your character to be doing and it'll put your name in front automatically C: If you've got any other questions or would like some character feedback feel free to ask! Hope to see you in game C:


EDIT: Or the better explanation Monogatari gave you C:

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