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Oschon at-Ta'ih (Withdrawn)


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Added to main site linkshell directory. Also added both Council members: Monadi and Ereblenn.


If you wish to change the icon used in your title, feel free to submit a new one to me. It must be 80x80 pixels. If you wish for any other changes to what's displayed, please let me know ^^

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To whom it may concern:


Oschon at-Ta'ih will not be playing on Besaid at launch. As such, we will be withdrawing from the RPC, effective at the end of open beta, as our characters are already rolled on Besaid for the duration of the testing.


If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to PM myself or any of our members, now or in the future.


Thank you for the time spent here and best of luck to you all on your server.

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