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Greetifications Upon Ye!


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Good dayeveningmorning, sojourner! Please, give me your coat; biscuit, tea, unidentified fizzy beverage?


I've been on the lurkprowl hereabouts for some time, and thought I should finally offer, at the very least, a proper round of greetifications. I am evidently one of those male Humanthing young adults (unless this is read in 10+ years, oh dear) of the roleplaying variety. With that established, I shall attempt to employ a bit more, mm, sanity?


I started RPing in Highschool around seven or eight years ago. Looking back on it, I'm really grateful that it was so common where I was. I started on Gaia Online's forums, but worked my way into RPGs with Neverwinter; specifically, City of Arabel. Knowing nothing of lore, what godmodding was, or metagaming, well. It was a much needed school of hardknocks. Since then, I've become a ruleabounding lorehound chronic RPer, and have at least looked for it in almost every MMO I've played to date, ranging from GW1 and 2, WoW, WAR, TERA, TOR, another NwN server, NwN2, Neverwinter.... the list goes on a ways.


I plan to be hoping on the Balmung server with several friends, one of which being this fine fellow here. He'll be playing a Keeper of the Moon, Mikhai'a Rohnav; relevant, because I'll be playing his younger brother, Mikhai'to Rohnav! Khaito, tired of monster attacks and Garlean threats, decided to run off and train in the arts of war, to help build a world where his family might feel a little safer. Khaia, meanwhile, is off to be a disciple of magic--an arcanist, to be specific. I'm hoping to grow and build my character from relatively simple beginnings, and see where fate takes him--and look forward to meeting as many of you as I can along the way! Thankifications for reading, and I hope to be seeing y'all in game!




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