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Sterne's Sketches


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Hey there!


I've had stuff I've drawn on the internet for a while, but I've always loved drawing stuff from XIV ever since the game launched eons ago. With the onset of ARR, I wanted to draw Sterne grown up from five years down the line. With the help of Slade, a lively manqo'te, my line work came to life with this his lovely colors.


Hopefully we'll continue with more art down the line!


I hope you enjoy the following~




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Thank you for your kind words Slade :)


As an update, I've added to the original post the B&W Line work from before Slade Colored it.


I plan on drawing more today. Maybe soon I'll open up requests or commissions never really charged anyone for my art, but we'll see if enough people want it I may have to.


I also plan to post the B&W line work as a spoiler if Slade or someone else has colored it.


Anyway, I hope you guys continue to enjoy cause I certainly enjoy drawing.

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