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umm.....hi o_o


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Hey everyone, I am very new to this. Not to MMO's but to role playing. I use to roleplay on forums from time to time, but that is all. I have never really RP'd in an actual game. I have always wanted to but I never knew where to begin or how to go about it, so I have always shy'd away form it. However in this specific game I felt like I was actually a part of the world. This time I am going to try to roleplay, I think it will add much more to the game. I am still not sure on where to begin but this seems like a good spot.

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Hello an welcome!! Oh! A fellow forum RPer!! Don't worry I can assure its not that much difficult!! Instead of typing walls at each other you can type smaller shorter sentences~! OH and use emotes too!! Its really fun and actually a lot easier to keep up with! 


Don't worry you are in good hands here! Everyone is super awesome and super patient and all are willing to help you adjust and find your niche!! :)


So again Welcome!!

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Hello Sekatsu, welcome to the RPC! It's fine if you are new to role playing everyone was once! There is a mentorship program that you can check out -here-


I really hope you enjoy your time here and in game! The people here are very nice and are willing to answer any question you have, just pm them.

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Hello and welcome to the RPC!


You've come to the right place to meet your fellow roleplayers, that's for sure! :moogle:


If you're accustomed to forum roleplays, (me too!), I think the transition to in-game roleplaying will be pretty smooth for you. You probably already know the basics, but now it's just shorter and simpler. Instead of typing paragraphs upon paragraphs, we can break it up into a few short bursts and mostly dialogue, kinda like script writing. And don't forget those emotes! They're loads of fun!


Hopefully you'll feel right at home here, but if you're still nervous about roleplaying in game, there's always the mentorship program!

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Welcome to the community!


Don't let making the jump from forum to ingame roleplay worry you too much, as the others have said it's not too hard once you get the hang of it. Besides, there are more than a few of us here who like to forum RP so you'll be able to have your cake and eat it too. 8-)

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