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Greetings to the Hydaelyn RPC

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As the thread title says, I'd like to extend my introduction to the community. 


I entered into the beta during phase 3, but a few mishaps and my own poor timing made me a little late to the party. I regretfully wasn't able to play for very long, and wound up making a character or two on random servers before I discovered the ones the community chose. So, I haven't had a chance to observe the server environments or mingle yet.


That aside, I'm looking forward to connecting with all of you--the Final Fantasy series has always been one I've enjoyed, and while I haven't finished them all yet, I've at least played, watched, or read about each of the games in the series. I don't ever get around to writing much either, but I do enjoy Eorzea's lore, along with other literature. 


I've never really gotten into a specific MMORPG before (from a roleplay or gameplay standpoint), but I have had quite a few acquaintances who played WoW and EverQuest II. I wound up picking up a lot of information on the genre from them, and I've given advice to a few acquaintances on backstories and developing characters for different mediums. 


I haven't chosen a server yet. I'm leaning towards Balmung, but I could just as easily make characters on both Balmung and Gilgamesh, and maintain them both (which seems quite likely).


Hopefully I will see a lot of you when Phase 4 starts up in the coming weeks. My biggest obstacle remains staying busy until the game actually launches!

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Welcome to you both! FF has been a huge part of my life! I'm actually playing FFII as I'm typing this! It's the only one I never really played past the beginning. Everyone here is really nice and welcoming. The lore of Eorzea is incredible, and I can't wait to dive in deeper come phase 4! If you have any questions feel free to ask! Everyone is always willing to help here, which is good.


Also, my personal favorite is FFVI.

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Wow, that was more replies than I would have expected to see in such a short timeframe. I'm pleasantly surprised.


II (with Firion and company) can be difficult to progress in, and I've never gotten very far myself. My first FF was IX, I believe--but I enjoy VIII, X, and IV quite a bit. FF X really swept both me and my better half away though.


We've both noted how similar XIV is to XII in some aspects, such as zoning and so on. I enjoyed the writing of XII, and it's nice to see that that's returning in some format here in Eorzea.


As far as books go, I remember reading a Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy a long time ago (it may not have been the first one.) I also enjoy books such as Call of the Wild and White Fang, but I'm fairly open in terms of what I'll read.

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Welcome, welcome! :D If there's something I've learned about this place, it's to keep an eye out for pleasant surprises, they pop up outta nowhere! Like you, I'm definitely hoping we get to keep seeing various stylistic things and homages from the prior FF games (though maybe not so many direct characters LOL).

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I finished II last winter and was pleasantly surprised how well the second half played, once the initial grind had set your characters in their tracks. In fact, I would definitely call FFII the most underrated of the bunch. Stick with it! It gets much better.


I really appreciate the lore-rich and open atmosphere of FFXII, and that's the reason I'm here right now. It's hard for me to pick a favorite FF, per se, but I'll give VI the nod, with Iv, V, IX, and XII barely trailing behind. I'm hoping for some pretty nice tie-ins to the classic FF's, and they do seem to be on their way with nods like the Crystal Tower and (*groan*) the mysterious appearance of Lightning from XIII.


Look into A Song of Ice and Fire if you want a good, long read. Now, there's an epic fantasy with plenty of history and intrigue. Too bad the series is years away from a conclusion...haha.


Hope to see you around in the world (I'm settling down in Balmung)! Any ideas what kind of character you'll be bringing to the table? I'm assuming you'll at least be trying a little roleplay, since you're here? I bet we're kind of in the same boat.

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I'm sorry I couldn't reply to this thread earlier! It's quite funny that you should mention RP, as I was busy with editing my wiki page (and that turned out to take all day). You can view it if you wish, as both my directory page and character wiki page are linked in my signature now. I have one section left to expand, and I have the info for it, but I chose to tackle the others first.


The formatting on my page is certainly not as nice as everyone else: I've been fighting the editor all day as well, because it's not quite WYSIWYG even with "rich editor" on. It tends to go up an entire line when I delete something. Once I find or (Twelve forbid) draw up some art for my character, it should be done for the most part.


Some people dislike the "fan service" or allusions, but I feel it adds more feeling to the game (Lightning aside, which is just a bit odd given her appearances elsewhere--I am learning to tolerate XIII, which didn't feel like it quite belonged, in my opinion.)


What annoys me most about FFXII is having to attack yourself in order to increase your hit points...


I don't have HBO. But, in regards to the series, I've done some reading on its wiki, and it could be good.


I've decided to make Balmung my primary server, as well. If I can elaborate on my original post, which was not worded well, I did play WoW for a while, on several RP servers. But the various communities and lore did not appeal to me. I'm certainly no stranger to creative writing, even if I do let that skill fall by the wayside. But Warcraft was not for me.


In contrast to my earlier approach in other games, I'm striving for as much immersion as possible, although I do expect to get to know people and make allowances for out-of-character matters as well.

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