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Stranger in a strange land.

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I suppose it's somewhat hard to introduce oneself when you don't have a name or a face, but here I am.


Let me begin by saying that I do not currently play Final Fantasy XIV, but I intend to begin doing so upon the launch of ARR. To that end I went about the business of making preparations in the way of FC, LS and server perusing. I stumbled across your website just yesterday and it didn't take me but a night to decide this was the right sort of place to start.


I have little to no prior experience in Final Fantasy games. I do however have a vast array of gaming experience(.) and a fair share of mmorpg experience. I was an 8 year veteran of WoW, and have also dabbled in SWTOR as well as Guild Wars 2.


As for role-playing... I've gotten my feet wet, but little more. I rp'd during my extended period in WoW, for about a year or so, about 5 years back. I had a great time until a few of my acquaintances fell silent and things sort of unraveled for me.


I'm eagerly awaiting ARR's release... or re-release in a manner of speaking, and hope to rekindle my affair with rp while hopefully finding a new mmo to call home. Only signed up for beta about a week ago, so doubtful I'll get in. In the meantime I don't really have a name or a face, but I wanted to introduce myself during the interim. I'll be spending the next month attempting to learn what I can of the lore while planning out a main character.


Oh, and any sort of advice or direction to any FC(s) or LS(s) oriented around newcomers to this worlds' rp or perhaps to a slower pace in general would be just fantastic!

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This is a great place to get your feet wet, and learn some things about the game before you give it a try :D! Take a walk around the forums, and I'm sure you'll find something to get your creative juices flowing and possibly point you in a direction you'd like your future character to go.


The Linkshell Hall has a listing of the various linkshell and free companies looking for members here. Take a look at what they have to offer, see if any of them appeal to you.


Good luck with your travels in Eorzea :thumbsup:!

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greeting and welcome!! 


There are plenty of people about willing to help you find your niche here! There are actually several threads that cater to helping you pink a LS of FC. Plenty of people that move at a pave that you set. And there is a mentor thread floating about if you would like someone to take you under their wing. I would link it but my smart phone is making me feel dumb and not do as I want it too!!!



any how welcome once agian♥

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Hiii! There are a buuuunch of shells to choose from, many of which would probably be more than willing to help out a fresh player. From my experience I do happen to know Corvus Cinis is super welcoming to completely new people. You might also find this lore post useful in your journey of FFXIVness and maybe this how-to post as well for things like linkshells (guilds) and the wiki (where we keep our character profiles and some other good lore bits)! Anyhoo, welcome to the RPC!

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Hey there! :D


Welcome to the community, and like the others have shown, there's plenty to see and lots to learn. Take your time getting a feel for the place, I'm sure you'll find a LS that fits you as the forum is full of really great ones.


Above all, have fun both here and ingame!

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